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Jest for Fun

Lois A. Corcoran Lois A. Corcoran I’ve never been all that comfortable in my skin. Small wonder I like Halloween, when I can trade the old me for an alter ego. To that end, I searched for costume ideas for those “come as you aren’t” parties. Read on for some of the more entertaining ones….

Suicide Bomber: Sheik headpiece, fake dynamite sticks strapped to chest and connected to balloon pump.

Welcome Mat: Black clothing with white letters reading “Welcome” across chest. Attach an old pair of shoes underneath.

Barbie: Long blonde wig, outfit of choice, and narrow box big enough for person’s head and torso. Cut holes in sides and bottom of box for arms and legs. Spray paint it pink and adorn it with name brand logos.

Cat Burglar: Black clothes, robber mask. Carry a bag of stuffed kitties.

Saturday Night Fever: White two-piece suit, black shirt, and strike famous John Travolta pose.

Highway: Black clothing with white tape on legs, arms, and from neck to crotch. Attach toy cars and road signs.

Hitler: Mustache, shirt, tie, brown suit coat, swastika armband. American Gothic Couple: Wife wears black dress, white collar, cameo pin, apron and hair in ponytail. Husband wears glasses, white shirt, bib overalls, dark jacket and carries pitchfork.

Caveman: Animal print toga and long, wild hair wig. Carry wheel prop with insurance logo on it.

Peeping Tom: Props include “Tom” name tag and cardboard window frame with curtains.

Aircraft Carrier: Gray clothing with paper planes attached.

Elvis: Black wig and white jumpsuit with sparkles glued on. Props include sunglasses and microphone.

Magician: White shirt, black vest, top hat, wand, and toy rabbit.

Silent Film Star: Black, white, and gray clothing, gray or white make-up. Props include chalkboard and chalk. No speaking, but mouth your words and then display them on chalkboard.

The Birds: Attach a bunch of fake birds to light-colored clothing and hat. Add fake blood as needed.

Cupid: Flesh colored shirt, diaper, sash reading “Cupid,” and wings. Carry toy bow and arrow.

Mad Scientist: White lab coat, toy microscope, and wild hair wig.

Old-Fashioned Judge: Black robe, rubber mallet for gavel, “powdered” wig made from stringing toilet paper rolls together.

Messy Chef: Chef’s hat, white jacket or apron covered with food stains.

Flasher: Trench coat covering flesh colored shorts and shirt.

Feel free to borrow any of these, and send your character’s photo to tootsie_ roll@charter.net.

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