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Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,

To the voters of Schoolcraft County:

I would like to offer some thoughts for your consideration prior to the upcoming November election for, among other issues, the request for operational millage to keep open the doors of the Schoolcraft County Medical care Facility.

I can truthfully state, from my own life experience, that one never knows the twists and turns you may encounter as you travel along life’s highway. Although God had always blessed me with excellent health, in December 2010 without any preliminary warning signs, I suffered a stroke with resulting left-side weakness while traveling out of state. As it turned out, I did not have to reside, even temporarily, in a nursing home, but I did require extensive rehabilitation services in an outof state rehabilitation hospital. What I am trying to say is that whether it be from an illness or accident one never knows what you may require as life goes on.

In my 12 years as medical director of Schoolcraft County MCF prior to my retirement from full-time practice in 1999, I was assigned to the care of those patients admitted to the MCF who did not already have a preference for a family doctor from the Schoolcraft Memorial Hospital staff. In those 12 years I had many opportunities to directly observe the care being provided to the residents there. I can tell you that, almost without exception, it was excellent and was supplied by an experienced staff of dedicated, selfless employees whether they worked in areas of nursing, administration, maintenance, housekeeping, dietary, diversional or rehabilitation services.

We have an excellent building right here in Manistique, which is relatively new and was built at considerable expense. It has been well maintained since it was built and is extremely clean. I have never detected the stale urine smell in the hallways that sometimes exists in other nursing homes I have visited elsewhere. It would be a shame to have to close this excellent facility. Therefore, I request that you vote “yes” on the proposal for operational millage for the MCF in the coming election on Nov. 5.

Another consideration, and this includes you younger voters, is that if a parent or other close relative requires even a temporary admission for nursing care inpatient services, wouldn’t you rather have them continue to be offered right here in Manistique rather than having to make a major trip to visit them? The same holds for those being visited.

Finally there is the economic consideration. While none of the MCF employees receive high wages, the MCF does provide steady employment to many people, and this helps to secure the economic base and business community here.


Neil E. Grossnickle, M.D.

Dear Editor,

Don’t stick your hand in my pocket to pay for the debacle at Medical care facility! Where do people get this notion that we need government to bail out every failed and mismanaged venture in this country anymore?

Babies haven’t been birthed at Schoolcraft Memorial Hospital for years, Manistique is still here. The day MPI announced its closing everybody thought Manistique was going to fold up with it. Businessmen saw a good deal and there now stands FutureMark today.

Let MCF close.

Sure, a handful of people will be inconvenienced for a while. Some wise firm will see a good deal and pick it up for a good price. As an experienced business they will streamline the operation, get rid of all the deadbeats drawing paychecks, then make the place efficient and profitable. I’m sure good employees will be re-hired first.

Don’t insult me with all this warm-fuzzy, crying-violin wish-wash. Don’t hand me that malarkey about the impact upon local business – please! If I don’t have people in there then don’t ask me – the taxpayer – to pick up the tab. I’ve already got enough bills of my own.

This is the 21st Century and the economy is rough. Places are dropping, but new lean-tough machines are rising out of the ashes.

G.J. Rey


Dear Editor:

On Nov. 5, Schoolcraft County Public Transit is asking voters to decide on the .587 millage request. The general ridership, hospital, business owners, seniors and local law enforcement have been asking for expanded services for a number of years. This is why public transit is seeking .587 millage instead of a .50 renewal.

The .50 portion will cover general operations that transit has operated under for the past 20+ years. The approximate cost of .087 mills is $3.50 a year (or .30 a month) based on an $80,000 home with a taxable value of $40,000.

The .50 portion would fund our general operations as they currently exist. The .087 portion would fund expanded hours consisting of Friday and Saturday evenings from 6 p.m. - 2:30 a.m., Saturday day hours from 10 a.m.- 3 p.m., and Monday thru Friday hours until 6 p.m.

These additional hours would help riders who utilize the walk-in clinic, would help local businesses, and would allow riders to attend functions on Fridays and Saturdays such as Folk Fest, Fourth of July activities, car show, benefits, weddings, class reunions, Christmas parties, sidewalk sales, other functions, etc.

Our funding currently comes from 54 percent state and federal, 46 percent local. Out of the 46 percent comes from fares from riders, contracts, and local millage money.

The millage for Schoolcraft County is vital for operations. Bottom line is, without this millage, fares would be five times higher and services would be cut drastically.

Cut services would mean public transit would not be able to provide trips for shopping, medical appointments, school, and work - leaving transit to operate for agencies that we have service agreements with.

Schoolcraft County Public Transit would like to thank the public for supporting us for the past 33 years. We look forward to continuing to serve the seniors, handicapped, and general public of Schoolcraft County for many years.


John Stapleton

Schoolcraft County Public

Transit director

Dear Editor,

Could you find out why after the football game against Newberry,, the Emeralds Football team did not present the Great Lakes Cup Trophy to the Indians football team?

Some rivalry ... Manistique AD doesn’t have the trophy at the game?

We played at Manistique’s house!

This is inexcusable! You should be ashamed! You might as well throw that trophy away, it means nothing! Unless of course the Emeralds win it.

Valerie Winkelhorst


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