2013-10-10 / Outdoors

Fish Report

Well, the beauty of fall is sure here in all its glory. So if you love the fall color season you better get out in the woods to enjoy it. I have always said no matter how many fall color seasons you have seen they still always seem to impress you with their beauty. Wifee has always been one of those that just loves to take a ride through the woods this time of year.

They are still doing great down at the river fishing. If you want to have some fun and like to catch some nice fish just go down there and have some fun. They are still doing quite well on some of the inland lakes between the rain drops right now.

I hope you are sitting down on your Velcro seat because what I am going to say now really gets my goat having spent just about my whole life running around out in the woods.

At times one could only wish that he was in a position to do something about the stupid things we are seeing over and over in this country in this day and age with those in Washington!

Did you ever think for one minute that the day would come when the fall color season was here in the U.P. that you would be told by your Federal Government that you couldn’t go down a trail and walk along the shore of Lake Superior? Well that day seems to be here.

There were some people that were trying to make their yearly walk down a trail to Lake Superior to walk along the shore to enjoy the fall season up here. When they got up by Grand Marais to the trail which they always walked they found it blocked off with orange cones and a park ranger telling them the area was closed!

In my prefect world fire this park ranger and those up above him all the way to Washington and help balance the federal budget!

People up here in the U.P. have been walking that area along the shore of Lake Superior since way before the federal government became involved up there. I have to ask you just what expense does our federal government incur if someone walks along the shore of Lake Superior?

And this is not the only place or the only state where this crazy activity took place. Where the people of the federal government have went in and closed down areas that people usually go to when they want to enjoy the fall color and maybe do some fall camping. In fact, in some areas they even closed boat launches and other access sites.

In only one state did I read where the governor had enough guts to stand up and say wait a minute and reopen the areas that were shut or closed down. It is unreal what is going on and who would have ever thought we would see the day it took place.

On a lighter side I had a first over the weekend. For the first time with all the hours and miles I have driven out in the woods I was left stranded.

Wifee and I were up to camp and in the evening we got into our pickup ready to head home. We stopped out on the road and when we tried to go again the truck would not move. In fact, it would neither go forward or backward, it did nothing at all. I tried to figure out who-whatwhen or-where and with my expertise with these modern electronic systems in these vehicles accomplished nothing at all.

So here we were, Wifee and I miles from anywhere with no cell phone bars left alone in the wilderness. Well not really the wilderness.

So what were we to do, we got the 4-wheeler out and headed for civilization or in other words the nearest lake where there were some year around homes. Once there we called a friend in town to come and rescue us.

But luckily we had “road-service” on our vehicle so nothing to worry about. Wrong again I found out that my “road service” was only good for “five” miles! Now I have to ask you where in the world could you find help for a truck with transmission problems within “five” miles of the backwoods?

But once again having an about average skill range of how to beat the system I looked up an old towbar my son had bought before the turn of the century. With a friend’s help once again we figured a way to hook up this tow-bar and headed out of the woods.

We finally made it to with 11 miles of my destination and called for road service to get my truck to a transmission place to get it fixed. It is set up for surgery later this week.

In the mean time, I told Wifee that I would have to use her car for a hunting vehicle until the pickup is fixed. Maybe if I say “please” she will see how important a vehicle can be this time of year, after all it is hunting season.

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