2013-10-03 / Outdoors

Fish Report

Well, here we are into October and needless to say the best time of the year to live up here in God’s country. Since I mentioned last week the leaves were taking their time in turning, they sure kicked it into high gear and in some areas the colors are great. In fact, with the high winds and the color the way it is it is raining leaves out in the woods.

The fishing continues to be great down at the river and they are also doing pretty good on some of the smaller lakes. Fall fishing can be great at times. I think I will drift off the beaten path somewhat this week and reminisce a little bit.

One has to wonder when there is more of your old coffee crew having coffee together up in heaven then there are left down here. For years we had the best coffee crew that would meet at Sunny Shores when it was open and at Jack’s during the winter.

Howard would always make sure your coffee cup was full whenever you were out there and sit down and join us. Denton always had words of wisdom for the younger men of the crew. Marv always had to have his toast cool off before you would butter it. And Ollie was always the one either one of his boy’s picked on or one of us would help them out. Grandpa Rocker was always good for a laugh when he came. Now they are all having coffee together again with Howard making sure their cup is never empty.

Having raised our four kids we were sure blessed when they got old enough to work and got a job at the Red Owl. You have to remember this job had class where the carryouts had to wear a tie. In fact, if you should forgot to bring one you liked to work, Ollie had a few from back in the Stone Age you could chose from that you wouldn’t like.

When my kids were in college Ollie always found work for them whenever they were home and it sure helped out. It was some of the best help Wifee and I had when raising our kids and trying to get them all through college.

Back when I was still working and did not have a hunting camp of my own, my boys and myself would stay at Ollie’s with his boys and a few other men. When I was working Clare Steele would take my boy out and sit down the creek from him so he could hunt. In fact, Clare was with him when he shot his first buck.

Some of the times we had at Rehn’s hunting camp still get talked about today. Of course you may not want to talk about some of the things that happened with a physiologist or else you may be in a lot of trouble. If the saying that “Laughter is the best medicine” is true, we were all in pretty good health out there.

Back when we were going to the Bill Rice Ranch down in Tennessee with a crew of teenagers, Ollie went with us a number of times. More than once the vehicle we were traveling in was one you would not trust to drive from one side of town to the other in. But sitting here and looking back I can still here Ollie saying, “Just keep on trucking and we will get there” and we always did. He put so much into each one of the kids that took the trip with us and always wanted the best for all of them.

For years Ollie coached the sport teams at our Christian School and the boys just love him and enjoyed all the trips together. I will say that he always put his heart into whatever he did while trying to help others in their walk through life.

I say all this to say this, if God was to create a great father, grandfather, advisor, and friend he could not have a better pattern than if he used Ollie Rehn as an example.

If my children picked up a few of the good qualities Ollie had while being around him they will sure be better parents, employees, and adults for it. I am sure thankful for his part he had in helping my family get where they are today.

Well the fall color is out there for us all to enjoy so make sure to get out and see it. If the wet, windy, cold weather should come our way the color season will soon be over.

Bow season is now open and I have yet to see my first pat so what is one to do? Life can be so tense when I have to make all these decisions, so I guess I will just have to go to camp, sit in my recliner and decide.

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