2013-10-03 / Lifestyles

State to go ‘pink’ in Oct.

Acknowledges breast cancer awareness

LANSING . October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month in Michigan and all official state of Michigan social media accounts will be “going pink” for the second year in a row, Gov. Rick Snyder announced Tuesday.

“A woman in the United States has a one in eight chance of developing invasive breast cancer in her lifetime. But when breast cancer is caught early and treated, survival rates can be near 100 percent,” said Snyder, whose wife, first lady Sue Snyder, successfully battled breast cancer. “During this month we join with numerous organizations, agencies and health professionals to raise breast cancer awareness in Michigan, and to remind women everywhere that regular screening and early detection are crucial to surviving this invasive disease.”

The “M” in the Pure Michigan logo, usually seen in blue or green, will be made pink in social media profile images and platform backgrounds for the entire month of October. State of Michigan department Web pages, the official Michigan.gov portal and Snyder’s website will also display the pink “M” for the cause. The state of Michigan launched the effort last year and received overwhelming support from state agencies, partners and residents across Michigan.

With a collective following of nearly six million users among its 147 total social media accounts, the state of Michigan is launching the campaign for a second year to engage citizens with a series of messages that will include breast cancer screening tips and resources.

This year, Michigan residents are encouraged to tweet, post and share their story and images using the #puremipink hashtag on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Appropriate images will be shared and cataloged in a special gallery on www.michigan.gov/ socialmedia.

To learn more about National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, visit www.nbcam.org.

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