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Dear Editor:

I had the privilege and honor of accompanying a World War II veteran on this week’s U.P. Honor Flight mission to Washington, D.C. Being a part of this flight was a tremendous experience I will never forget.

These veterans, like all who have proudly worn a uniform for the United States Armed Forces, have provided a great service to our nation, and they deserve our gratitude and respect. They also deserve the assurance that their needs will be met, regardless of what phase of life they are in.

Spending time with those 75 Upper Peninsula veterans, hearing their stories and watching them experience our nation’s capital reminded me of just how important our obligation to our veterans is, and how important it is that our veterans are making use of the benefits and services available to them.

I encourage all veterans, as I encouraged the veterans on the flight this week, to review the benefits they may be eligible for and make sure they are making use of all they are entitled to. For instance, many World War II and Korean Conflict veterans qualify for VA Healthcare, a VA pension or VA aid and attendance benefits, among others.

If you or someone you love has served in the Armed Forces, there may be many benefits and services available to you. Contact the County Veterans Service Officer in your community or call the Michigan Veterans Affairs Agency at (517) 284-5298 to learn more.


Jason Allen

Senior Policy Advisor

Michigan Veterans Affairs


Dear Editor,

I’ve become aware of a book on the history of World War II written by Robert Welch who founded the John Birch Society back in 1958. This book is based largely on the explosive allegations it contains about the alleged crimes of General Dwight Eisenhower in the war in Europe, which have never been properly investigated.

To stop the treason of today, which will continue unless we stop the modern-day traitors destroying our country now by economic and political means, we should read the book, “The Politician”.

We need to understand such critical history exposing the treason against the U.S., including the thousands of our prisoners of war that Eisenhower allowed Joseph Stalin to kidnap to the Soviet Union for forced labor.

Eisenhower stood on Lenin’s tomb and was given the highest honor of the Soviet Union, that reportedly came with an annual monetary payment. We must use historical understanding to stop the current treason now upon us – wake up people!


Ed Nemecheck

Landers, Calif.

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