2013-09-26 / Outdoors

Fish Report

Well, a sure sign that fall and the hunting seasons are here is when Linda’s Bread Box in Cooks line the front of their store with deer bait and their parking lot has a pile of sugar beets in it. If you drive out towards Cooks you will see that fall is in full swing at Linda’s.

The leaves are turning in some areas but really not as fast as I thought they would a few weeks ago. Having done all the back-road driving I have done you get to know where trees seem to change color the quickest and this year they are just getting started.

I always look for the leaves to turn early and drop off so I will have a better chance of seeing a few birds. Now if I was to see a bird it would make the only one I have seen since the season opened. I guess when you saw very few all during the summer and early fall there really is no reason to think some birds will all of a sudden show up just because bird season is now open.

It is sure interesting the way things have changed because before the modern-permit way of hunting for bear you always heard about the type activity going on. But now without the groups out hunting you can go through the bear season and not hear a thing unless someone gets a monster bear that makes the news.

But for those that like to sit up in a tree and watch for deer your time of year is just about here. For some reason when you get my age the trees seem to be higher, the ladders are steeper, and where you sit is not as big as it seemed to be years ago. In fact, if someone my age goes up a ladder to a tree stand there is already a problem when he has to turn around to sit down. But the only other option is to back up the ladder so you don’t have to turn around but this is not a winner either.

Then if you manage to get up there and situated there is always the problem when you get ready to come down. If you sit long enough and it is cold enough when it comes time to move and get ready to climb down you realize how many moving parts there are in the human body because you can count them all.

I say all this to say be careful out there as bow season opens. Check out your stands and make sure they are safe and sound before you use them this year. Also make sure you have a good safety harness and use it! It is always that macho man that figures he will never fall out of a tree that ends up getting hurt.

Let’s make this a safe hunting season by starting out doing the right things so it will be.

As I have been saying, as fall approaches, I have not been seeing the birds and deer I usually see. I do not know how the crazy weather we had during the summer affected things but if they are out there they are not moving in the areas that they usually move in.

But as I have always said it is more fun to me to just get out in the woods and try to outwit the game you are trying to get. As the activity picks up out in the woods we should know pretty quickly just what kind of fall hunting season we are going to have.

I am typing this real softly so it stays this way, but the price of gas is down a little from last year, the price of deer bait is down a little in some cases from last year so there are some real positives for the start of the hunting seasons.

In closing, they are still doing pretty well catching fish down at the river. So if you are not a hunter remember fall fishing can be some of the best so get down there and try your luck.

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