2013-09-12 / Front Page

Then and now

Construction in downtown Manistique

Courtesy and Pioneer Tribune photos Courtesy and Pioneer Tribune photos The picture to the left shows the second block of South Cedar Street facing south in 1937. As a result of the Works Progress Administration funds in the 1930s, several projects were completed in the community, including paving the main streets, installing boulevard lighting, and adding new water and sewer mains, storm sewer, and sidewalks. The phase pictured above covered four blocks in the business district. At right, construction crews ready the same portion of South Cedar Street for an infrastructure project this week. The project will replace water and sewer main as part of a DIG grant acquired by the city. Work on the project is expected to be complete by Oct. 1. Until the project is complete, limited access will be provided to the front of businesses. Many businesses provide access and parking behind the buildings.

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