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Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,

I was just at the playground this afternoon with my husband and son, and what a disappointment. It is indeed a shame, that about the only thing in this town for children to enjoy, has gone by the way side. The flower beds have been taken over by weeds.

There is broken equipment that needs fixing or replaced. The entire thing needs new wood chips. The matts that are in front of the slides, swings, etc are nothing but frayed remnants of what they once were, and those are just the pieces you can see sticking out of the dirt. There are broken picnic tables and garbage all over.

This started out as such a wonderful place for kids, and has slowly gone to waste. I wonder, what do families who come in to our town, staying perhaps for the weekend, and are told about it for a place for children to play, what do you suppose they think?

With the broken equipment, chains missing or exposed, muddy after a rainfall, it’s a shame. And yet, look at the money and funding for the Marina. People always wanting money for this or that, what about the playground? Is that how things work, build them and just let them go to waste and become run down??

All of the money that was put in to that playground and the surrounding area, and I must say, I would not recommend it to someone from out of town. I think the lack of care and maintenance put in to that playground reflects badly on our town. And that is a shame, since there is not a lot here for children or the tourist traveling with children, to do.

Kristin Berendt


Dear Editor,

Recent incidents to be considered. In Chippewa County, beagle hounds are killed by wolves. In Florence County, Wis., nine bear hounds were killed by wolves. In Ontonagon County a farmer loses more livestock, killed by wolves. In Channing, Mich., four pup wolves were witnessed attacking a deer in the middle of a road while the female wolf watches her young, in training to obtain food/ deer are the number one food source for wolves.

In Minnesota, a camper, who is a human being, is attacked by a wolf, and required 17 staples to close the wound on his head.

Wisconsin estimates that the wolf population is at about 1,000. Wisconsin DNR studies reflect that a 30 percent mortality rate will not reduce the wolf population.

A Minnesota study five years ago revealed that the wolf population was at 3,000. They estimate that there are 500 wolf packs, mostly in the northern part of the state.

Last year the Minnesota DNR removed 215 wolves because of livestock and pet depredation. This year to date they have removed 237. If we do not manage the wolf population in the Upper Peninsula, we will see more of the above listed incidents.

Leave the management of wildlife to the experts of the Department of Natural Resources, not the Humane Society.

Tony Demboski president

Upper Peninsula Sportsman


Dear Editor,

Interesting – and disturbing letters in the Pioneer Tribune these last two weeks!

I was born and graduated high school in Manistique, and spend as much time as possible in the ancestral cottage at Indian Lake. I am the daughter of a couple who rescued bear cubs, fawns, raccoons, woodchucks, even baby skunks, as well as dogs, cats, and burros, etc.

I am also a huge supporter and intermittent contributor of the Eva Burrell Animal Shelter. Plus, I truly believe the Thompson Vet Clinic is the best I’ve ever found (I’ve lived in four states and have gone to dozens of vet clinics – carrying on my legacy of caring for the animals).

The Thompson clinic is superb, and the staff, board and volunteers at Eva Burrell are uniformly outstanding. They are there, every day (including weekends) and on call 24-7. Their contributions (largely gratis) are incredible – from rescues, medical attention to fund raisers, sales, parades, etc. are laudable.

I hope the people of Manistique and Schoolcraft County realize what gems they have in their small town.

For all elective procedures (spaying, neutering, motion sickness, allergies) I schedule for the summer or whenever we can arrange at the Thompson clinic. Theyalsodida3a.m.emergency surgery on the twisted stomach of our St. Bernard one July night a few years ago, not to mention alleviating a lot of pain (cat) and anxiety (mine) with a diabetic cat.

The Eva Burrell story is another heart warmer, from Eva herself, to the rescuing, socializing, training, fundraising, and placing on a shoestring budget. EBAS has placed hundreds (thousands?) down on their luck animals across the country (thanks to the internet and animal rescue networks). Their compassion, innovation and drive are truly special.

Manistique has lots of other gems too – from the spectacular Lake Michigan shoreline, Indian Lake, the unique lighthouse (I hope it stays), the Big Springs and some great shops, restaurants, artists, etc.

I do hope the city, the county, the feds or the people can rescue MCF too. It’s all a lot of responsibility for a very small town, but if everyone supports each other, it’s possible.

And we ex-patriots will do what we can!


Mildred (Mike) Mueller

Andover, Minn.

Dear Editor,

I think we should make sure, as voters and tax-payers, that the candidates we support and vote for, are true patriots and support our U.S. Constitution, especially our gun rights to be armed, everywhere, to protect us and our families, which most of our present leaders and police grossly endanger by disarming us on the streets so the criminals can kill us easier, to justify larger political and police empires in their mad scramble to build a police-state and bring down the curtain on our great country.

Also, we must elect leaders that will stop the deliberated refusal of our so-called top wildfire officials to stop our deadly wildfires by the simple tactic of using the large, and super-tanker fire-fighting aircraft at the beginning of the wildfires, immediately, to stop the fires and save many lives and houses.

Also, we must make sure that our elected leaders will work to prevent and stop any attempt to organize any “new constitutional convention” or “con-con” as it is called (see tbs.org (con-con) on the Internet), which will give the enemies of our country and U.S. Constitution, the opportunity to destroy both.

We must dismiss these things because our present leaders obviously want to subvert our country and freedom, also see: Evergreen Super-Tanker on Internet that shows the solution to wildfire and JBS.org to stop the “con-con”.

Ed Nemechek

Landers, Cal.

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