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Fish Report

Well, here we are into September and this can only mean that the fall hunting seasons are just around the corner. Of course, this also means, the fall fishing action should pick up and the Manistique River should see a lot of activity. I have said many times through the years that fall sure is some of the best time to be up here in the U.P.

I started the month off right by doing just what I figured you were suppose to do seeing it starts off with Labor Day. I took Wifee out to enjoy Labor Day at camp where she got to cut, split, and stack firewood. I am not sure our kids thought my idea of the real meaning of Labor Day went over too big.

This past week when I read the article about the camper and the wolf it brought back memories.

It seems that a 16-year-old Minnesota boy was camping when a wolf decided to visit him.

He was out camping with five friends and talking with his girlfriend when a wolf chomped down on his head from behind. (The Minnesota DNR thinks that this was the first documented serious injury wolf attack in their state)

After the wolf clamped onto his head he got up kicking and screaming at it but it just wouldn’t let go and leave the youth said.

Finally I had to reach behind me and jerk my head out of its mouth. Even after getting up I kicked and screamed at the wolf but it wouldn’t leave, but after a while it ran off. His girlfriend had run to their vehicle while a couple of those camping with them never even woke up with all the yelling, screaming, and fighting.

He said they had not heard a thing until the wolf was just there and bit down on his head. He said it was the worst pain in his life and he had to have 17 staples to close the wound. He also had to have rabies shots following the attack.

At another campground that evening some other campers said a wolf raised cane in their campground. The wolf tore through a couple of tents wrecking their air mattress.

Later a wolf approached a DNR officer about a quarter-mile from the campsite. The officer fired at the wolf and missed and it ran off. Later some trappers caught a wolf and it was to be tested for rabies. It was also to be tested through DNA to make sure it was the wolf that had attacked the camper.

Now back to my memories. There was a crew of us teenagers out tent camping at a small lake over on the western end of the U.P. We had the tents set up in a circle with a campfire pit in the center of the circle.

After spending half the night sitting around the campfire we all headed into our tents for the night. It seems we had just gotten to sleep when one of the guys started yelling as loud as he could.

“It’s a bear, it’s a bear!” When no one came to rescue him quick enough he started yelling again, “It’s a bear! Honest it is a bear!” “It’s tearing my backpack apart, it’s a bear honest!” The bear finally got tired of him yelling and took off back into the woods with his backpack.

It sure made one realize that a tent is not really a lot of protection if one of God’s critters like a bear wanted to get into the tent with you to spend the night.

In fact, a house is really not much protection against a bear. My dad and his parents always told us grandkids the story about coming home from church one Sunday to find that a bear had entered their house through a window and ransacked the kitchen. Needless to say there was quite a mess to clean up.

The thing that got grandpa really upset was the fact that when the bear got done wrecking the kitchen and went to leave, he chose a different window to exit out of. Therefore he had two broken windows and a wrecked kitchen to boot.

You really never know what to expect out in the woods because no matter what some people may think, wild animals are wild for a reason.

You never really know how they will react if for some reason they figure you are in their territory or a threat to them.

You add on top of this the fact that in some cases they may think you or what you have would make a great dinner for them you could have a problem.

Believe it or not I have both seen and heard where deer have attacked a person. The one I saw, the buck got right up on its hind legs and chased after the person all the time trying to spear him with his front feet. Things like this are not the normal but they do happen.

So get out there and enjoy nature like it is suppose to be enjoyed.

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