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Merchants release list of car show winners

MANISTIQUE – The annual
Manistique Merchants’ Car Show
took place on Saturday. Those
awarded include:
Merchants Best of Show
Mark Paupore, Manistique,
Mich., 1913 Maxwell 22 Roadster.
Mayor’s Choice
City of Manistique Fire Department, Manistique, Mich., 1952 700
Pumper Fire Truck American LaFrance. Kewadin Casino
Best of Show
David Shope, Rapid River, Mich.,
1966 GMC Pickup.
21st Century Insurance
Best of Show
Marty Heikkinen, Cornell, Mich.,
1968 Chevrolet Camero.
Chuck Renze Ford
Best Ford
Jerry Baker, Manistique, Mich.,
1934 Ford 3-Window Coupe.
Curran GM
Best GM
Bill Leeson, Grayling, Mich.,
1954 Chevrolet 210.
Ken’s Auto
Best Mopar
Bruce Kivela, Big Bay, Mich.,
1967 Plymouth Hemi GTX.
Auto Value
Best Paint Finish
Paul Turek, Manistique, Mich.,
1972 Chevrolet C-10.
Gray Wolf Lodge
Longest Distance Driven to
Tom and Gloria Tereshinski, Owing, Md., 1988 Pontiac Trans Am
Choice Awards
Class A

Cars up to 1949
First place, Mark Paupore, Manistique, Mich., 1913 Maxwell 22
Roadster; Second place, Don Gardner, Gulliver, Mich., 1931 Ford Victoria. Class B
Coupes up to 1949
First place, Jerry Baker, Manistique, Mich., 1934 Ford 3-Window
Coupe; Second place, Ron Mayville, Escanaba, Mich., 1948 Mercury Coupe.
Class BB
Sedans up to 1949
First place, Ken and Melanie
Betke, Lake Leelanau, Mich., 1929
Hue Mobile 4-Door Sedan; Second
place, Jim Brown, Garden, Mich.,
1933 Plymouth PD.
Class C
Cars 1950-1959
First place, Bill Leeson, Grayling,
Mich., 1954 Chevrolet 210; Second
place, Lee Ekblad, Gulliver, Mich.,
1959 Rambler Super 4-Door.
Class CC
Roadsters up to 1949
First place, Bill Anstine, Traverse
City, Mich., 1948 Chevrolet convertible; Second place Mike Wise,
Gladstone, Mich., 1923 Model T
Class D
Cars 1950-1959
First place, John and Colleen
Rounds, Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario,
1957 Chevrolet BelAir; Second
place, Ed and Judy Oswald, Farmington,

Mich.,1957 Chevrolet BelAir 2-Door Hardtop.
Class EE
Cars 1964-1968
First place, Bruce Kivela, Big
Bay, Mich., 1967 Plymouth Hemi
GTX; Second place, Gilbert Baker,
Manistique, Mich., 1964 Pontiac
Class H
Cars 1969-1972
First place, Dave and Karen
Broeders, Bark River, Mich., 1971
Plymouth Duster; Second place,
Tom Lynch, Gladstone, Mich.,
1970 Pontiac Firebird.
Class HH
Cars 1964-1968
First place, JJohn Nelson, Manistique, Mich., 1968 Dodge Coronet RT; Second place, Andi Payan,
Marquette, Mich., 1966 AC Cobra.
Class J
Cars 1969-1972
First place, Dan Boucher, Wells,
Mich., 1972 Chevrolet Monte Carlo; Second place Mike and Oscar
Olsen, Manistique, Mich., 1969
Chevrolet Nova SS.
Class K
Cars 1973-1985

First place, Tom Pepin, Bark
River, Mich., 1982 Chevrolet Camaro; Second place, Jeff and Dawn
Osterhout, Manistique, Mich., 1980
Chevrolet Corvette.
Class M
Cars 1973-1985
First place, Bill Wagner, Escanaba, Mich., 1978 Pontiac Grand
Am; Second place, Bryon Johnson,
Manistique, Mich., 1977 Chevrolet
Class N
Cars 1986-Present
First place, Tim Cook, Green
Bay, Wis., 1996 Chevrolet Impala
SS; Second place, Steve Hanson,
Black Creek, Mich., 2007 Ford
Class P
Cars 1986-Present
First place, Tim Magnusson,
Minnetonka, Minn., 2010 Shelby
GT500 Supersnake; Second place,
Misty Pfister, Manistique, Mich.,
2008 427R Roush Mustang.
Class QQ
Trucks 1941-1969
First place, Glen LaVance, Manistique, Mich., 1963 Ford Econoline Pickup.
Class T

First place, Les and Jerrie Nyland, Moren, Mich., 1917 Ford
Model T; Second place, Clint
Stauffer, Roscommon, Mich., 1928
Ford Model A Pickup.
Class TT
Trucks 1941-1969
First place, Bryon Johnson, Manistique, Mich., 1955 Chevrolet
Pickup; John Collingwood, Wells,
Mich., 1949 Ford F-1
Class V
Trucks 1970-Present
First place, Bob Perala, Ishpeming, Mich., 1970 Ford F250 Camper Special; Second place, Jeff Cady,
Eben Junction, Mich., 1980 International Scout II.
Class W
Trucks 1970-Present
First place, Darrell Dixson,
Manistique, 1990 Chevrolet Half-
Ton 454 SS; Second place, Cody
Zeimetz, Mondovi, Wis., 1973
Dodge Powerwagon.
Class Z
Anything that won’t fit
in any other class
First place, Ron Snyder (Vernon),
Houghton Lake, Mich., 1965 Ford
Cobra Roadster.
Tractor Pull Results
Age 5

Boys: First place, Bryson Wood,
Full Pull (28.5’); Second place,
Trent Lorens, Full Pull; Third place,
Luke Collins, 10.5’.
Girls: First place, Alexis Casey,
13.25’; Aurora Rochefort, 6.5’.
Age 6
Boys: First place, Ryker Goudreau 42.75’; Second place Ashton
Rymkos, 26’.
Girls: First place, Jozelyn
Warmack, 16’.
Age 7
Boys: First place, Sean Fehrenbach, 29.5’.
Girls: First place, Mckena Fehrenbach, 38.25’.
Age 8
Girls: First place, Hannah Brewster, Full Pull, Second place, Liz
Tozill, 33.75’.
Age 9
Boys: First place, Mathieu Gerou, 39’.
Girls: Veronika Warmack, Full
Pull; Second place, Evelyn Collins,
Age 10
Boys: First place, Nathan
Dechow, Full Pull; Gunnar Collins,
Age 11
Boys: First place, Reece Cavin,;
Second place Jeffery Herro.
Girls: Katelyn Beaver; Second
place Jena Osterhout 14.5’.

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