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U.P. State Fair breaks attendance records

Fair officials report nearly 80,000 visited

ESCANABA – The 2013 Upper Peninsula State Fair wrapped up with recording-breaking attendance, according to officials.

Good weather is one factor for fair receipts being up almost 4 percent over last year, said Vickie Micheau, executive director of the Delta Commerce Center. This put the attendance number close to 80,000.

The center contracts with the U.P. State Fair Authority to manage the fair and facility throughout the year. The fair ended on Aug. 18.

Skerbeck Carnival reported ridership was up nearly 10 percent from the year before, Micheau added.

“So many people deserve to take credit for a hugely successful fair. The dedication and commitment of the U.P. State Fair Authority members, exhibitors, volunteers, sponsors, vendors, Skerbeck’s, employees and, most importantly, Mother Nature’s cooperation, simply can’t be overstated,” she said.

The Authority took over the fair four years ago, when state funding for both Escanaba and Detroit’s state fairs ended due to budget cuts. The U.P. fair continued under regional leadership and funding.

“All counties in the U.P. deserve a big, blue ribbon for keeping the historic U.P. State Fair as a positive, successful attraction for the entire peninsula,” Micheau said.

Micheau also credited the popularity of livestock exhibits and the Miracle of Life Growing U.P. Foresters Building, along with discounted gate admission on special days as being part of the continued recipe of success for the fair.

“Still, all of this would be greatly minimized if we didn’t have the incredible good fortune of another year of fantastic weather. This is the fourth year running for beautiful weather at the fair. We know it won’t last forever, but this success is laying a good, strong foundation that will be put to good use when we have a fair week with not so favorable weather,” she added.

The 2014 fair is scheduled for Aug. 11-17.

Quick Facts

The 2013 Upper Peninsula State Fair reportedly had nearly 80,000 visitors walk through the gate for the week long event. Skerbeck Carnival also report ridership was up nearly 10 percent from the previous year. Next year’s fair is scheduled for Aug. 11-17.

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