2013-08-22 / Outdoors

Weekly report now toll-free

LANSING – Starting Sept. 5 the Department of Natural Resources’ Weekly Fishing Report will be available via a toll-free telephone number. Anglers will now be able to hear the report, previously accessed by a Lansing-based number, without incurring any phone charges.

The Weekly Fishing Report is available in three formats: online at www.michigan.gov/fishingreport, via email or over the phone. The report’s current phone number is (517) 373-0908, but on Sept.5 that number will become (855) 777-0908. Please note, after Sept. 5 the Weekly Fishing Report will no longer be available through the (517) 373-0908 number.

“We hope anglers will take notice of the Weekly Fishing Report’s new telephone number so they can continue to get the latest news and information to help them plan their next trip,” said Tami Pattison, department manager with the DNR’s Fisheries Division.

When anglers call the new toll-free number, they will hear an overview of current fishing conditions in the state and select a section of Michigan they would like to hear a detailed report for.

Visit www.michigan.gov/ fishingreport.

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