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Indian Lake Program Schedule

August 26
Decorating Contest
Either wildly frightening or
harvest themed. Judging will
be before the 8:30 p.m. Sunday
Campfire and winners will be
announced at the Creepy Campfire
August 29
Crafty Camping
3 p.m. – Take time on your
vacation to make a special
keepsake. Meet the Park Explorer
Guide at the Beach Shelter for
creative recycling.
Cookie Decorating
4 p.m. – Find a little frost-ing on
a pumpkin – cookie that is; meet
the Park Explorer Guide at the
Beach Shelter to embellish your
own sweet design.
What in the Woods?
9 p.m. – There’s more to the
forest than the trees. Meet the
Park Explorer Guide at the first
bathrooms for a closer look at the
August 30
Creative Camping
5 p.m. – Visit with the camp
hosts at their site to create a bootiful souvenir.
Scavenger Hunt
7 p.m. – No bones about
our mission – begin at the first
bathrooms for a treasure search.
Going Batty
9 p.m. – Are bats scary, creepy
creatures? Join the Park Explorer
Guide at the Picnic Shelter and
uncover the truth about Michigan’s
only flying mammal.
August 31
Thompson Fishy Facts

10 a.m. - 12 p.m. – Meet the Park
Explorer Guide at the Hatchery
kiosk for 20 minute walking tours
that start every half hour and offer
closer study of state fish hatchery
2 p.m. – Visit with the Park
Explorer Guide at Palms Book
State Park – learn about regional
history – ride the raft and view the
crystal clear pool.
Moon Walk
9 p.m. – Hit the beach to check
out the amazing night sky and
the face of the Earth’s nearest
September 1
Meet the Neighbors
5 p.m. – Discover Michigan’s
Magnificent Mammals through
fabulous furs. Join the Park
Explorer Guide near the first
bathrooms for this 40 minute
Roll and Stroll Parade
7 p.m. – Family fun – starring
you! Meet by the camp host site
– come and share the best of your
fall camping spirit.
Creepy Campfire
8 p.m. – Fall fun and ghost
stories will send shivers down your
spine at the camp hosts’ site – don’t
forget a comfortable seat.
September 5
Michigan Rocks
5 p.m. – Enjoy a beachy
afternoon in the park at the beach
with the Park Explorer Guide.
Share special nature stories and the
fascinating geology and geography
found in Michigan.

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