2013-08-15 / Outdoors

Fish Report

Well, I have to admit I have never been a whiz at spelling. In fact, back when in school there were spelling bees where the class was divided up, lined up against opposite walls and asked to spell words. Usually in my case this was a rest period because I was always one of the first ones sent back to their seat.

But I do have this figured out and there is no doubt in my mind that this year you can spell August “October”! With the cool weather we are having and the fact we are seeing some of the trees already turning it cannot be the middle of August even in the U.P.

I have to admit I am beginning to wonder with each passing day if we are going to get that nice summer weather back. I have to admit I could use some nice warm weather just to recharge my battery before we really get into the fall and winter weather.

This past week I was out at Indian Lake State Park telling stories and the wind was blowing right off the lake into the park and it was downright cold.

Speaking of Indian Lake State Park there are big doings out there this coming weekend. On Aug. 17 the Indian Lake Camp host is holding his annual fishing contest from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. He goes through a lot of work setting this up and from what I hear the TV6 Discovering program will also be there.

So if you are looking for something to do with your kids this coming Saturday, stop by Indian Lake State Park. For more information on the fishing contest get a hold of the campground host at the park.

I do not know if it is the crazy weather we have been having but I have not been seeing the wildlife in my travels I usually see this time of year. In my travels pats are way down, turkeys are spotty with just a few here and there, and deer are yet to show up in a lot of areas where I usually see them. Now this does not mean they are not out there but if they are, I have not been seeing them.

There is still the battle going on between those that would like to have a wolf hunt and those that are against having one. I guess I heard one of the best suggestions yet on having a wolf hunt. It was suggested that seeing that the wolf problem is up here in the U.P. maybe only those that live in the U.P. should get to vote on holding the hunt or not. It sounds good to me.

I for one think whether it is a vote on having a wolf hunt or when states are holding any election for something that involves only their state that outside money should be outlawed. I ask you how in the world are people around the U.P. that would like to see a wolf hunt suppose to raise enough money to get their views across when those opposed to the wolf hunt can have tons of money coming in from outside the state.

Whether we are ready or not, next month the 2013 hunting seasons will kick off. So if you want to get a head start you may want to start trying to locate your hunting gear now. I have after all these years finally come up with a foolproof system to keep track of all my hunting gear.

Of course this was at Wifee’s suggestion.

She suggested I get two of those large storage bins from Menards and use one for all my hunting clothes and the other for all my hunting gear. So this year getting ready for the hunting seasons should be a snap because my items have to be in one of two places, bin one or two.

Of course this perfect system will only work if I remembered to place my gear in either bin one or bin two at the close of last year’s hunting seasons. If not Wifee will once again hear those famous words, “Honey have you seen my (fill in the blank)”.

It’s funny but I used to get so excited when I knew the hunting season was almost here but now I am just thankful to be around to see another one.

Life is good so make sure you get out there and enjoy the last few weeks before school starts and we get into the season where you are trying to go off in two to three directions at a time. And make sure to spend all that money you saved by not having to use your air conditioner this summer.

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