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Camp MSTQ officially on the market

State puts out RFP, city hopes for buyer

MANISTIQUE – The former Camp Manistique prison facility is now officially on the market. After diligently working with the state legislature, city officials said the Department of Technology, Management and Budget put out a request for proposals for the facility on Friday.

According to City Manager Sheila Aldrich, the facility had been held by the state since its closure in 2007, with no clear route for buyers to acquire the property. It took a piece of legislation signed by Gov. Rick Snyder to allow the property to be sold, she explained. Then, with the help of city officials, Sen. Tom Casperson, Rep. John Kivela, and the governor’s office, Aldrich said the DTMB finally fast-tracked the RFP process.

“The Department of Technology, Management and Budget put an unprecedented amount of time into putting out this RFP,” she explained. “They put together a RFP that includes the environmental work completed at the facility, a description of the property, and any other pertinent information about the property.”

The RFP states the property, located at 401 North Maple Street, is a 30.297 acre parcel of land with a two-story 39,323 square-foot building, a 1,800 square-foot garage/ shop, storage buildings, and a parking shelter. It notes the facility was once capable of holding 216 prisoners and 49 staff members.

In the past, the vacant facility had been considered for a variety of other uses, such as a possible district energy plant, as well as a retrofitted Schoolcraft County Jail. However, none of these ideas came to fruition, and the property has remained unused.

The RFP will allow potential buyers to view all of the information about the property in one place. A shortened time frame to submit bids will allow the city to gauge the seriousness of any buyers, and give buyers less wait time between placing their bid and acquiring the property.

“They (the DTMB) would normally put this out to bid for a one or two-month period, but this RFP ends in 10 days,” Aldrich said. “This will allow any potential buyers to be able to get the property in a short period of time.”

According to the DTMB website, any RFPs for the facility are due back to the department by

Aug. 19 at 3 p.m. Buyers were encouraged to attend a guided tour of the property today at 10 a.m.

The RFP states the department will select the “most responsive and responsible bidder that will allow the state to realize the highest price or highest value.” Bidders must show their financial capability to complete the purchase in their bid.

“This is quite a feat, and we’re glad that it’s (the property) out there,” said Aldrich.

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