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Fish Report

Well, there are a lot of people out there wondering if we are ever going to have nice summer weather. Those of us that like having a garden have either been flooded out like in my case or with the cooler than normal weather, things are growing slow. In all the years I have lived in the U.P., this is the first time ever I had a garden under water so the plants were drowned out.

There sure was a buzz around town Sunday when the cruise ship came in. It reminds me of the “good old days” when over at grandma and grandpa’s we would go down to the harbor in Houghton to see the cruise ship come in. It was a big deal when the ship called the South America came in. I really cannot recall when it quit coming in but as a youth it made for something special to do with grandma and grandpa.

Well, it seems that the Wisconsin DNR made news all over the country. I found it rather interesting when I heard about what happened because just a couple days before I ran into a couple of retired conservation officers over in Menards and we had spent some time talking about how much things have changed since we worked. It is just unreal how things are handled now compared to the way they were then.

It seems the Wisconsin DNR pulled a raid on an animal rescue farm looking for a fawn. Now I cannot recall how many calls we had about someone having a fawn and you just went over to their place and asked them about it. But not in today’s world.

It seems the Wisconsin DNR had air surveillance officers staked out watching the place. Then when they decided to raid the place they had about a dozen DNR officers plus some sheriff deputies in on the raid

They held the workers of the animal rescuer farm while they searched for the fawn and even took a cell phone from one of the workers who took some pictures. They then searched a barn and found a fawn that had been named “Giggles” and carried it out in a body bag. Like most other states it is against the law to have a fawn in your possession in Wisconsin.

Needless to say a raid like this and the killing of the fawn hit the news big time. In most cases I have been connected with where people were involved with caring for hurt or orphan animals they usually are not the violent people of the world, rather they are usually on the other side of the spectrum.

So when a Wisconsin DNR spokesperson was asked why they had such a massive raid when looking for an orphan fawn and why they didn’t just call them and ask about it or have an officer look into the complaint.

The DNR replied, “If officers were going in on a drug raid they surely would not call ahead and tell them we were coming!”

Needless to say the news about this raid made it from coast to coast and as far south as Louisiana. And this does not even take into account how big this news was on the internet.

It really made it interesting to me because it is exactly what the three old timers were talking about over in Menards. Back when I was working an officer spent most of his time working alone and usually made calls on complaints by himself.

We talked about the fact that not everybody a conservation officer comes across is a criminal and there is no reason to treat them like one. If a guy forgets his life jackets or forgets to register his boat or ORV he just messed up.

It reminds me of the time I had a new officer from Detroit working with me. We were on patrol on Little Harbor Road when we saw a car on a two-track acting suspiciously so we pulled in behind it. When we did there was a lot of panic activity in the car.

The new officer from Detroit about panicked and said, “They’re putting a gun under the seat.” I told the officer to hold it a minute we’re way up north, and you can about bet on the fact they had some open beer in the car and were trying to hide it.

Sure enough this was the case with the four teenagers that were in the car but it shows the different perspective when looking at the same situation.

I guess we will close with something lighter and have a good laugh.

It seems that Eino and Teivo went to the fair and each bought a pig to take home and raise. On the way home they got to talking about how they were going to tell the two pigs apart. Eino said he had an idea and he would cut off the left ear on his pig. So they were all set.

Then along came a problem when their two pigs got in a fight and bit off each other’s ears. So Eino and Teivo were back to square one trying to tell the pigs apart. So Teivo said he had an idea and he cut the tail off his pig so they could tell them apart.

As life would have it a couple of days later they got to fighting again and Teivo’s pig bit off the tail of Eino’s pig. So they were back to square one again trying to tell their pigs apart.

So finally Eino said there is only one thing to do so we can tell your pig from mine. I guess you will just have to take the white one and I’ll take the black one.

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