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Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,

What is the Humane Society? There’s confusion about what the so-called “Humane Society” really is.

Most hunters and trappers know that the Humane Society of the United States is a powerful, wealthy, politically active animal rights organization that opposes any use of animals.

To the general public, the Humane Society is a group of dedicated animal lovers – nice people who run the local shelters that take in and care for dogs and cats.

Here’s where the confusion comes in – confusion the HSUS deliberately created and exploits for profit. Many people make contributions to the HSUS thinking they are helping local animal shelters. In reality, they are being ripped off. The confusion comes from the fact that two completely different organizations that have different agendas are using the same name.

HSUS is the largest and wealthiest animal protection group in the United States. They are the ones that fund much of the lobbying and legislative efforts to stop animal use. In particular, they use ballot referendums to stop regulated hunting and trapping.

The ballot fight in Michigan to stop bear hunting failed in 1996. It was backed by the Fund For Animals headed by Wayne Pacelle who was their president. He is now the president and CEO of the HSUS.

In 2008, the HSUS was behind the ballot initiative to stop dove hunting, which was successful.

Now they are back trying to stop wolf management. So far, they have been frustrated. That frustration is reflected in numerous newspaper letters. These emotionally driven protests are truly righteous unreason.

The figures below, provided by a watchdog group called Humane Watch, are based on HSUS’s 2011 IRS Form 990, which nonprofits have to file. It shows their 2010 activity.

• Total revenue: $148.7 million.

• Grants for adding pet shelters: 0.25 percent of their budget.

• Fundraising expenses: 38 percent of their budget.

• Added $2.4 million to its pension plan, bringing the total to $17 million since Wayne Pacelle became CEO in 2004.

• Pacelle’s 2012 annual compensation: almost $300,000.

• HSUS claims a “constituency” of 11 million, giving it considerable political clout. But in 2010, their magazine, All Animals, which is included with a $25 membership, had a circulation of only 530,000. That’s their true size.

• The HSUS is an enormous fundraising machine that cares little about animals. The wolf is their poster child that is used in an emotional and dishonest campaign to stoop animal use.

John Hongisto

Deerton, Michigan

Dear Editor,

I want to express my deep appreciation for the Schoolcraft Medical Care Facility. I received such excellent care during two separate stays there. The nursing care and physical therapy I received was outstanding!

My doctor in Green Bay recommended another facility saying I would get better care at an alternative facility, but I knew I could get good care at SMCF. Don’t get me wrong, it was hard work, but that’s why I was there – to get better. I wanted to get better so I could go home. I never dreamed I would have had this great of an experience! I mean, everyone I met was kind, caring, and very considerate.

There are so many things to do at SMCF all the activities … for instance, I was able to sit a beautifully decorated library and put a puzzle together any time I felt like it. There were all kinds of music activities, church services, bingo, speakers, reading groups, crafts. It was so homelike. The food was wonderful and my friend was able to purchase meals (for a small fee) and eat with me any time. I guess I just had a picture of what a nursing home was like and never anticipated that it would be as wonderful as SMCF. I’m just so relieved that it was such a good experience. When you’re there you can look outside and see all the beautiful flowers and the gardens … it’s really very homey. And clean … oh my gosh! They clean everyday right down to scrubbing all the floors daily. I just really can’t say enough about SMCF. It was an extraordinary experience.

Safety and cleanliness were very important. In the rehabilitation room, all of the staff were very good about making sure we all used hand sanitizers and wipes after using the equipment. Also, I developed pneumonia while in the hospital, as I am very prone to it. I didn’t even know that I was getting it and usually I can tell right away. The SMCF nurse caught it right away on one of her lung checks and got me over to the hospital for an x-ray right away. I was diagnosed and treated right away. I just don’t think I would’ve gotten that kind of comprehensive (activities, homelike atmosphere, nursing and rehabilitation) care anywhere else. I was so pleased. They helped me get strong enough to go home. Schoolcraft County is very lucky to have the Schoolcraft Medical Care Facility.

Reverend Carol Clark

Rapid River

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