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From the Braver Institute

Once again I find myself in the predicament of having nothing to write about. I know some would say that even when I do have something to write about it still equates with nothing, but I say to those who are of that mind that they should get their own column and see how it is coming up with something new every week.

It’s not like I could just look back on my week (it is Thursday afternoon right now) and tell you about the things I have done, that would be boring.

Allow me to illustrate:

Sunday my good friend Wayne Genghis and I drove to Escanaba to look for golf supplies. Specifically I needed a pair of shoes and he was in need of some latest gadget that was guaranteed to improve his game. I would have bought shoes locally but no place sells them here and even in Escanaba there were only two pairs of golf shoes that were my size.

Afterwards we had lunch at a Chinese restaurant and then played eighteen holes at the Gladstone Golf Club, which has a very nice course indeed.

Monday found me at work and as is usually the case at work, the entire day was just a blur of work related activity that all gets homogenized down to an unremarkable day that finds you in your bed at the end of it, thinking that it is pretty great to have unremarkable days. Remarkable days are usually accentuated with something going very wrong.

Tuesday I realized that I wasn’t still sore from the weekend of golf I had played, unlike the previous week where I stayed sore until the following weekend and since I have a one track mind when it comes to latest obsessions, I started thinking about and researching how to modify my set of golf clubs by extending the length to better fit me. Since I like tinkering with things it is only natural that I start customizing this set of clubs.

Wednesday was nothing much to write about either. The most memorable thing about the workday was a conversation with my co workers that reminded me of a time in my youth when my friends and I would go down to the highway in the evening with a beat-up old bicycle and we would take turns lying in the ditch in some crude fashion trying to trick passing cars into thinking we had been hit by a vehicle and left for dead. This worked almost better than we had thought. Almost every car that passed by stopped. The moment the brake lights came on we would all run for the woods. Now as an adult it has became a little difficult for me to see the attraction of doing such a thing. I think the whole thrill was seeing if we could get a car to stop and we did and when you are an adolescent you don’t need a better reason than that to do something.

Later that evening I ran into my good friends Mr. and Mrs. Nelson the Viking at the grocery store. We exchanged bad jokes, talked about cameras and then went on our merry ways.

Moments later Wayne and I crossed paths. He told me that he had a great idea. He needed some stain hauled from the Ironwood area this coming weekend, and if I were willing to run over to pick it up we could make it a golfing trip and we could play a course on the way over and another on the way back and he would pay for the expenses. Maybe, if time allowed, we could make a side trip down to Minocqua, Wisconsin which is home to some incredibly supreme restaurants. Golf and great food? How could I say no?

Thursday was a day of preparation for a big meeting at work. While many work meetings are a serious drag for a lot of people, I don’t mind attending since I truly like my job and these meetings do much to make our whole team stronger and that’s a good thing. Experience has shown me that my attitude about work directly affects whether or not I have a good work day or a bad one. When my attitude is good I am better at dealing with the adversity that inevitably arises during the workday. When my attitude is bad, the whole day is bad. I have the power to change the outcome of my day and for years I have chosen to show up at work with a good attitude and it has made all the difference.

So that has been my week thus far. As you can see, there is clearly nothing to write about. I’m sure I’ll think of something.

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