2013-08-01 / Outdoors

Outdoors Brief

Hiawatha temporarily suspends special use

GLADSTONE – In order to meet objectives for special use program delivery, acceptance of new special use permit proposals for the Hiawatha National Forest have been temporarily suspended. Effective Aug. 1, any proposals will be returned.

During the moratorium period, staff will concentrate on managing existing permits and proposals. The moratorium is scheduled to end Oct. 1.

To increase the viability of a proposal being approved Reyer suggests:

• Applying well in advance (at least 6 months) of the date.

• Carefully and completely following the steps of the proposal process. Fill out the required proposal forms completely and correctly.

• Respond in a timely fashion to any requests for additional information.

• Ensure any necessary insurance is obtained according to the schedule.

For more information about the process, contact (906) 474-6442.

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