2013-08-01 / Outdoors

Fish Report

Well, with this weather you have to admit it has been about normal for the U.P. One day you about have a heat stroke and the next morning you are looking for a sweatshirt to put on. In some parts of the U.P. they have had some real interesting weather to say the least. But needless to say we are not in charge of the weather.

Seeing just last summer we were doing a rain dance trying to call in some rain. This year we are going around singing, “Rain-rain go away come again another day!”

Would you believe we have been paying between $3.23 and $3.20 for gas all this week? We got a good laugh because Wal-Mart kept trying to raise the price all week long. One minute it would be $3.23 and a minute later they would jump to $3.41 but all the other stations would stay between $3.23 and $3.24 so the big boy Wal-Mart would have to drop back down. It made for and interesting game they were playing.

I have it all figured out, seeing we are in Missouri, we could fill up at $3.23 a gallon and make it back to the boy’s in Wisconsin and park in his yard on fumes seeing we are using one of his vehicles. It sure sounds like a deal to me. As I said before, in my mind there is really no reason for all the games being played except greed and knowing we are a nation that runs on fuel, whether you like it or not, so certain people can take advantage of it.

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about the man down at the Indian River helping my grandson’s out while fishing. I guess among fishermen it really is a small world. The grandson and I were fishing along the shore of a small lake in the Ozarks for bass where another party and his son were fishing. As our grandson got talking with this other fisherman he gave him some pointers about bass fishing. He then took a lure out of his tackle box and told the grandson, “Try this, I have caught some nice bass out of here using one of these.” He then told him just to keep it and see how it worked.

We never caught any bass, but this other fisherman caught a nice two and a half pounder on bait he had set for catfish. I guess you can really never figure out fish at times. But we had a good time and maybe the lesson to be learned was on human nature and the friend he made.

You wonder at times what young people can learn from and here is a great example. We were in the big Bass Pro complex in Springfield, Mo., looking at all the things it has to offer which is anything and everything an outdoor person could dream of.

I was with one of my grandsons when he came up to me and said, “Grandpa that man and his wife just broke one of those fishing rods in half!” In this large rack were some Browning, ultra lite fishing rods with open face reels. We had stopped earlier and looked at them and I had walked on to look at some other items.

He told me that this couple had walked up to these Browning poles and the man took one out of the rack and purposely bent it until it snapped in two and then placed it back in the rack, the broken part he had thrown on top of the rack.

I told him as we looked at the broken pole that this is one reason some things cost so much because we all end up paying for things like this which other people do. It was a good lesson learned from what someone else did that was uncalled for and wrong.

We did manage to make it in and out of Bass Pro without having to refinance the farm and buy a larger vehicle to get home in. Now this is not easy because if you really wanted to it would be easy to get carried away with your dream list of things you could talk yourself into but do not really need. This is one good thing about Bass Pro it is so big you can send Wifee and the other women folk in one direction while the grandsons and I who are serious shoppers can head off in a different direction and get lost in the crowd.

In closing for this week I have to tell you about two things the grandkids saw that was a first for them. First off while going with uncle Jr. to try and get some minnows they came across a really large black snake. Now in my world there is really no such thing as a good snake. But uncle Jr. explained to them why they like having black snakes around and how beneficial they can be. He did manage to convince them.

Then while out fishing they got to see an alligator snapping turtle which are protected in a lot of states and really in some cases called a dinosaur turtle.

It has always been interesting to me how life can always be an adventure and there is always something out there you can learn about.

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