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Senior Center News

With age our eyesight changes. I recently had to purchase bi-focals for the very first time. With this I would like to share some of the eye care resources which are available that you might not be aware of. I suggest you clip this and save it, as it may be of help to you down the road. Here goes:

Eye Care America – This is a program offered through the American Academy of Ophthalmology, which provides an eye exam and up to one year of medical eye treatments, if needed. Every person over the age of 65 who has not seen an ophthalmologist in the past three years is eligible. For information call: (800) 222-3937 or visit www.eyecareamerica.org

Lighthouse International – Offers resources for people with impaired vision. Visit www.lighthouse.org (Great financial aid resource list!) or call (800) 829-0500.

Lions Club International – Lion’s Eye Health Program – Many local Lions Clubs help pay for eye exams, or equipment for visually impaired persons. To find a Lions Club in your area, visit www.lionsclubs.org or call (800) 982-0356

Michigan Commission for the Blind – Services for blind or low vision clients in Michigan. For information, call (800) 292-4200

National Association for visually Handicapped (NAVH) – Their mission is to ensure impaired vision does not mean impaired life. NAVH maintains a free large print loan library (by mail). Visual aid counseling and referral services, also. For information call: (212) 889-3141 or visit www.nahv.org

Services for the Blind and Physically Handicapped – Recreational reading materials in large print and talking books for people with impaired vision are available. In Upper Michigan call (800) 562-8985. In Lower Michigan call (800) 992-9012.

Vision USA – This is a program through the American Optometric Association to provide eye exams and low cost eyewear to individuals in families who have at least one working member, no vision insurance, and meet certain income guidelines. For information call (800) 766-4466 or visit www.aoa.org/visionusa

We are looking for donations of blue pads for our Medical Loan Closet. If you have some you would like to donate please drop them off Monday through Friday at the Senior Center, which is located at 101 Main St. between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. We also accept donations of adult briefs. These are available for those who cannot afford to purchase them.

Those attending the free iPad and Kindle classes on Mondays and Thursdays seem to be really enjoying them. The classes are offered from 10-11:30 a.m. Feel free to drop by and check them out.

We are still looking for donations for our Annual Open House. We know there are a lot of crafty people out there. For those of you who don’t do that kind of work, we also accept gift certificates. For further information give the Center a call at 341-5923.

Military package donations were received from Audrey Newborn and Betty Heinz. The Medical Loan Closet had donations come in from John Maloney, Joe and Bonnie Hardy and Roberta Smith.

Assorted greeting cards, such as blank, birthday, get well and sympathy, were donated by Valerie Carroll and Mary Ann Thorell. Lang Mercier, and George and Elaine Robere dropped by with yarn and batting as a donation.

Carl and Jean Lois dropped by with potluck prizes for giveaways. Our closet is almost bare. We would gladly accept any small gifts you might have lying around.

Jean Flodin has been very generous with keeping our snacks for bingo in well supply. Mary Lou Marx gave her “more than once” donation of coffee.

We sincerely wish to thank each and every one for your generosity towards the Center. Could be why we have one of the nicest places for such a small community.

BRIDGE July 22nd: 1st-Joyce Lesica, 2nd-Eileen St. Onge, 3rd- Chris Orr, 4th-Linda Lowman, 5th- Bev Jahn, 6th-Eva Wendling. Hostess, Bev Jahn.

BRIDGE July 26th: 1st-Larry Savoie, 2nd-Mary Ann Thorell, 3rd-George Lowman, 4th-Hanna Mammen, 5th-Chris Orr, 6th-Sandy Petrille, CFC-Cindy Bixel. Hostess, Eileen St. Onge.

PINOCHLE July 24th: 1st- Char Kendall, 2nd-George Shampine, 3rd-Chris Keener, Should’a Stayed home-Carol Shampine.

500 July 26th: 1st-Perry Wise, 2nd-Pat Clark, 3rd-Carl Sundling, Should’a Stayed Home-George Shampine.

BIRTHDAYS this week: Aug. 1-Judy Slingsby, Aug. 2-Rita Nicholson, Ruth Ann Johnson, Diane Carlson, Aug. 4-Dora McAlpine and Becky Nelson, Aug. 5-Rosemary Sablack, Aug. 7-Dave LaPratt and on the Aug. 8-Betsy Farmer.

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