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Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,

I just wanted to thank Mike from the DNR who helped my son and I relocate an orphaned fawn. I want to make it very clear to everyone that baby fawns are very cute but should not be taken from the wild!

This particular fawn was found drowning in a river by a friend of mine’s son. After talking to her, I took the fawn in and worked on finding a place that could take care of her so she could grow into an adult. Anyone who is thinking about taking one into their care should be cautioned about doing so. First of all, keeping a wild animal will cost you huge money in fines. Second, a newborn deer needs lots of care. They need to be fed like newborn children, which means many, many, many sleepless nights. In order for them to go to the bathroom, the mom usually licks their behinds to prompt them to go. (They have to be stimulated because that function isn’t intact right from birth.) So take into consideration that you would have to wipe their behinds with a warm wet cloth every two to three hours. (Nothing cute or fun about that.)

Also, she had to be fed special powdered milk from a feed store that was pretty pricey, as cow’s milk makes fawns sick and potentially can kill them. Mike from the DNR found a place that would accept the deer and care for her in order for her to make it to a full grown deer. He was very helpful.

I know that the DNR has a huge area to cover and lots of wildlife to look after. So if you see these guys out and about tell them thanks for all the hard work they do.

Krystal Goudreau Manistique

Dear Editor,

Statements made in the Thursday, July 18, 2013 Pioneer Tribune regarding MCF Crisis are untrue.

I gave my notice of retirement on April 22, 2009. I presented this letter of intent to Ruth MacAlpine, (then) administrator of SCMF, SCMF board members, and Schoolcraft County commissioners at the SMCF board meeting.

The devastating destruction of the B-4 denial by the Schoolcraft Board of Commissioners and lack of concern by the leaders of the facility was crushing, and now to see this article in the paper with lies about me at this date goes to show how poorly this county is run by the SCMF board and its administrator. When I left, there was over one million dollars in CD’s and very solvent.

Ruth MacAlpine and I worked for two months getting a replacement for my position. After I left, Pinecrest MCF was contacted and the following week their billing clerk started working part time in my position. Whenever that person called me with questions, I always answered knowledgeably. I prided myself with the billing of Medicaid, Medicare, other insurance and private pay, to make sure we got every dollar available. I was never behind. Ruth MacAlpine and I worked hard on the financials and budgets and knew where we stood every month.

I never worked on contracts with union employees and pending arbitration, which were always the administrator and board’s job.

I feel bad that the facility is in crisis, after all the hard work we did to make it solvent. When Dennis Boyd, Lila Panek, and Ruth MacAlpine ran the facility we were very proud. We tried to make it a pleasant place for residents, family members and staff.

I have been retired for three and one half years and don’t think any actions that I have done, have put the facility in the crisis it is in today.

Jackie Villemure


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