2013-07-18 / Outdoors

Fish Report

Well, I was talking to some salmon fishermen and they said they have been having problems locating some fish. They said for some reasons the fish are not in the areas where they usually are this time of year. They did not know if it could be blamed on the crazy weather we have been having this year or if the fish are just not there.

It appears in some areas they are getting some salmon but there are areas where the activity seems to start earlier than in other parts of the lake. I guess we will get a better picture when all the trout and salmon fishermen hit the area because with all the equipment they have if the fish are out there, someone should find them.

If what I heard is true this proves what I said a while back as to why so many people wonder about the increase in money that goes to the DNR.

A couple of years ago the legislator went to what is called a Passport System to raise money for the state parks. With this it was hoped there would be a steady income for the parks so they could make some much needed improvements.

With this Passport System a person could get it for an additional $10 when they purchased their car license each year. It seems that this program was well accepted by the people of Michigan and it raised a lot of money for the state parks.

This is where an interesting twist comes in and shows just why so many people pull their hair out when the legislator approves any money increase for the DNR. It seems when this Passport money came in and someone within the DNR saw all this money sitting there they decided to help spend it.

It seems that it was decided to take some of this money and use it for the state forest campgrounds. Now either these state forest campgrounds were moved from one division of the DNR (Forestry) to another where the state parks are or the money is being used for things other than the original intent of the Passport System.

If this in itself is not interesting enough it seems that with these state forest campgrounds being so spread out the DNR has had to come up with new employees to handle this change. It would be interesting to know the exact amount of money this is costing out of the state park Passport System.

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