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News from the shelter

EBAS again needs the community’s help. The shelter is at “cat-pacity” – plainly speaking, we are at capacity with cats. Full. No more room. These beautiful, playful, companionable cats are healthy, well cared for, spayed or neutered, current on vaccinations and ever so much in need of good homes. Perhaps you have viewed them on the website – Ferdinand and Elmer, two mature males who engage with people and love laps; Rosemary and Melissa, littermates who have been at the shelter since they were tiny kittens; Ricochet and Gizmo, a pair of handsome brothers; Emma, lovely with her long hair and muted coloring; Rosie, “fluffy” with lots of personality; Boots, declawed and delightful … and so many others. They arrive at the shelter hoping to find love and forever homes, they steal our hearts, and they wait … and wait. Without people coming forward to adopt, they wait in vain. If you have a cat, perhaps you could add another. If you’ve been thinking about getting a cat, do it now. Don’t wait. Please step up now and be part of the adoption option. We need your immediate response in order to avoid drastic and devastating consequences for these gorgeous and deserving creatures.

We’ve no more room to juggle or to rearrange, and we can’t continue to take in if we don’t get adoptions. Typically, feline adoptions are fewer in the summer. However, we can’t wait until cooler weather prompts folks to seek warm fuzzy feelings from warm furry felines. We have to have support now and families willing to embrace the special joy of a feline whose meow can massage the heart. Without adoptions, we are forced to make painfully heart-breaking decisions. We must maintain a quality of life and harmony in the shelter for all the cats/kittens, and we have more arriving since cats are warm weather breeders.

Since opening, EBAS has adopted well over 1,000 cats – all of them spayed or neutered. Yet, in spite of this stellar statistic and our ambitious efforts to offer low cost spay and neuter programs, cats and litters of kittens keep coming. Break the vicious and frustrating cycle of unaltered cats producing unwanted litters and take advantage of the spay/neuter option. We don’t create the problem, but we are forced to manage the problem repeatedly. Please be part of the solution – spay, neuter and adopt!

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Editor’s Note: “News from the shelter” features news, updates, and events from the Eva Burrell Animal Shelter. It is submitted by the shelter’s board members and volunteers.

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