2013-07-18 / News

News Brief

NMU approves tuition increase for 2013-14

MARQUETTE – The Northern Michigan University Board of Trustees recently approved a 2013- 14 tuition and fees schedule. The annual cost for full-time resident undergraduates will be $9,094, an increase of $328, or 3.75 percent, from last year’s rate of $8,766. NMU maintains its longtime rank as having the second-lowest tuition and fees among Michigan’s public universities.

“We’re also going to make a big adjustment to financial aid, increasing that by 6.6 percent, or nearly $1 million,” said Gavin Leach, vice president for finance and administration. “That offsets about a third of the tuition increase.”

NMU remains within the tuition restraint level required to secure the full 2.1 percent state appropriations increase per the performance funding formula in the higher education bill approved in June.

The full tuition and fees schedule is available at www.nmu.edu/ tuition.

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