2013-07-18 / Lifestyles

BCBS creates ACA info site

DETROIT – Beginning this October, Michigan residents may be affected by the federal health reform law. What health insurance covers, where people can buy it and whether people qualify for government financial assistance are questions addressed by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan’s new interactive website, HealthCareReformBasics.com.

“Health care is undergoing its biggest change since Medicare was created nearly 50 years ago. People have lots of questions. We wanted to provide a place where people, on their own time, can explore health reform’s impact, based on their own circumstances and coverage situation,” said Andrew Hetzel, vice president for corporate communications at BCBSM.

The site addresses many basic questions Michigan residents all have, from what health care reform is, to discussing potential impacts for consumers. It addresses the questions and further breaks them down by allowing consumers to navigate through the website choosing a path specifically designed for them.

“The purpose of this website is to educate, and we hope to give people a more personalized experience in finding information that is relevant to their own circumstances,” Hetzel said. “Health reform will affect different people in different ways. The best way to prepare is to explore – based on your family size, income and coverage situation – how it may affect you.”

BCBSM will continue to update HealthCareReformBasics.com as new information regarding implementation of the Affordable Care Act is available. Consumers can also sign up for email updates detailing changes in the law.

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