2013-07-11 / News

Women’s club to host ‘fugitive’ fundraiser

Jail ’n Bail planned for Folkfest weekend

MANISTIQUE – The GFWC Manistique Women’s Club is conducting a “Jail ’n Bail” Saturday, in conjunction with Folkfest.

Sheriff W. John Norrington is set to place the “arresting officer”, along with “Hammy the Clown” – the jailer. The “Cedar Street Jail” will be located on the corner of Walnut and Cedar Streets.

Residents and visitors will have the opportunity to support their favorite “fugitive” by donating to his or her bail fund.

The line up of fugitives includes: Tom “Ken Worth” Casperson, wanted for being a state senator; Angus “Bud-No Smile” Wright, wanted for having the best mug shot; Gail “Granny” Wood, wanted for being too proud of a grandmother and giving out too many hugs; Devin “Radio Guy” Lawrence, wanted for broadcasting too loudly; Grant Harris, wanted for felonious mopery; Brenda “Water-Wings” Faulkner, wanted for swimming in the deep end on the pool without permission; Kathy “Streetwalker” Ozanich, wanted for being an “advisor” and getting around town; Allen “Commish” Grimm, wanted for being willing to participate in the fundraiser; Jim Barr, wanted for being himself; Mike “Angel” Powers, wanted for backseat driving; Tyler Kangas, wanted for being young and energetic; and John Kivela, wanted for being a participating state representative.

All proceeds from the Jail ’n Bail will benefit the GFWC fountain project.

Contributions to the fountain’s upkeep can be made by purchasing homemade pie from the club’s Folkfest booth.

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