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Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,

Kudos to Alan W. Ott for his outstanding accomplishment through the years, and now the honor of having the hometown hospital and rural health clinic in his name. I grew up in Manistique three blocks from Alan and occasionally have seen him at community functions. a well deserved honor for him and for all of Manistique. A great town to grow up in.


Arlene Curley Bush

Bay City, Mich.

Dear Editor,

It was very upsetting to read in the Pioneer Tribune of Thursday, June 20, 2013, about the lady Schoolcraft County Commissioner having to justify her being on medical leave to a recent meeting of the board and of the clearly sexist remark made by one of the members of the board. Surely the rest of the board knows that is sexual harassment and that is against the law! Medical leave is between a patient and the physician and should not have to be defended in public! The rest of the board should realize that sometime they may need to be on medical leave. I am certain they will not be required to defend themselves!

Secondly, I do wonder if the commissioners do not have enough to do. I am a member of the Senior Center’s Commission on Aging. Since the voters passed our last request to renew our millage, commissioners have been harassing the Director, our Commission and the Center Board, who are charged with overall running of the Center about where all our monies go even to the point of insisting the money from an afternoon of Bingo be deposited immediately at the Court House and otherwise supervising all our budget. Those of us on either board are strictly volunteers, receiving no pay or millage for our services. Maybe the commissioners should follow our example.

Nancy C. Cheney

Gulliver voter

Dear Editor:

It hardly seems possible, but this is the 21st year our committee has organized the local Independence Day celebration, which would be impossible without the financial support of local businesses, organizations and individuals. We are thankful for the City of Manistique for providing Public Safety and DPW services that are absolutely essential to our celebration every year. However, neither Schoolcraft County nor the City of Manistique have the resources to provide us with any direct financial support, which means we are almost entirely dependent on individual and business donations. In recent years, our costs have increased to the neighborhood of $14,000. Our two largest expenditures are bands and fireworks.

We hope people we haven’t directly contacted will consider supporting this year’s celebration and supporting us in the years to come; we could not do this without the support of our community. Donations may be sent to Nancy Irie, 543N Intake Park Road, Manistique, MI 49854.

As a reminder, the Kiddie parade is Friday, July 5 at 6 p.m. with lineup in front of the post office at 5. The big parade is Saturday at 12:30 p.m. through town, and the fireworks will be around 10:30 p.m. Saturday night.

We would appreciate financial support and we are hoping everyone will enjoy this year’s celebration. Have fun and see you there! The Manistique Fourth Of

July Committee

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