2013-07-04 / Outdoors

Fish Report

Well, it sure seems like some nice summer type weather has arrived just in time for the Fourth of July. That is if we make it through the next cool period. This is always the real kick off of the summer season up here and most business people need the boost they hope for in the next six weeks to have a good year.

Of course we could use a little rain because it is really dry out in the woods in some areas. But we do not need the rain to come like it has in some areas where they received six to 12 inches all at once. I have always thought it interesting when you can have lots of thunder and lighting and then not receive any rain.

The fishing in the area has been pretty good with some nice pike, bass and walleye being taken. Of course for every fish that bites a zillion mosquitoes will be out there trying to bite you. But if the fish are biting great, you will pay little or no attention to the bug bites.

If you have been out in the woods I don’t have to tell you that the ticks are really bad in some areas. So if you have little ones or pets outdoors you may want to check them over good when they come in. Also you do not have to go out in the woods to find ticks because we have found some when doing yard work.

There is a rumor going around that the DNR may take the antler restrictions off for the upcoming deer season. If this is true it would be a smart move on their part. All states seem to be losing more and more hunters each year and there is no doubt in my mind that one of the reasons is they have managed to take a lot of the fun out of the hunting experience.

While I was out in Pennsylvania for of our grandson’s graduation I was introduced to a man that works as the liaison between the DNR and legislator out there. First off let me say that Pennsylvania has always been one of the top if not the top state in the number of deer license sold.

He was telling me that the number of active deer hunters in their state has dropped by almost 200,000 hunters. This really got me thinking of our problem here in Michigan where we seem to be facing the same type problem with the drop in active hunters. The problem is that when this happens it is the natural instinct for states to want to increase license fees to make up for the money they lost from hunters that no longer go out in the field.

But the truth is they have a monster on their hands because they can never increase the price of license enough to make up for the hunters they lost. On top of this when they do increase the price of hunting and fishing license they run the chance of even more people dropping out of the system.

I have a story in one of my books that tells the problem the average person has with the system run by both the democrats and republicans. It seems that the democrats always want to increase taxes to solve all the problems and needless to say this hurts the average person.

Of course then comes along the republicans with their self righteous stand against raising taxes no matter what. But of course they have no problems raising fees on everything and even finding some new ones.

For example raising the cost of ORV’s, snowmobiles, boats, and hunting and fishing licenses for the average person and they can call it whatever they want it is still a form of tax.

So it does not matter if the democrats call it a tax or the republicans call it a fee it is still taking money out of the average persons pocket when they are already trying to balance the family budget at home.

I don’t know what the answer is for the average person but I still think the only answer may be to have on an election ballot a place for “None of the above” then we could just start over because in most cases our choice seems to be the lesser of two evils. When this happens it seems we lose no matter who wins.

With the way the cool weather hung on I have yet to see enough wildlife out there to even get an idea of what kind of year it is going to be for the reproduction cycle. It is always scary when we have a wet cold spring to wait and see how many fawns show up.

Even some of the waterfowl I have seen seem to have a rather small brood trailing along behind them.

As I have said, the only two things we seem to be able to count on having a good reproduction season up here in the U.P. this year is ticks and mosquitoes. Needless to say in some areas there is a bumper crop of both.

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