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News from the shelter

The Eva Burrell Animal Shelter is offering summer safety tips for pet owners.

Fourth of July celebrations and busy festivals often alarm pets. Firecrackers, fireworks, sirens, other sudden loud noises and crowds can cause many pets to bolt. Make sure you pet is safely leashed and wearing a collar with ID tags and/or microchip. Keep a current picture of your pet(s) with you, especially when traveling. Inquire ahead of time if pets are welcome at community celebrations, campgrounds, parks, and lodging accommodations.

If your pet is shy or nervous around people, be watchful for approaching strangers, especially children, and introduce your pet appropriately. Parents need to instruct their children about safe ways to meet an unfamiliar animal. Always ask the pet owner if your child may pet a dog or cat. If the pet owner consents, offer the back of the hand to the animal first and then stroke it gently under its chin. Never put your face in the face of an unfamiliar pet.

Should you choose to leave your pet at home or at your campsite, take care to safely secure your pet in the house or in its kennel and/or crate with adequate water and sufficient shade. Do not leave your pet in a vehicle during hot weather – even with the windows open – as temperatures inside a car or truck can soar rapidly, causing dehydration and/or death.

If you should lose your pet during summer festivities or while traveling, inform the local animal shelter, animal control and/or veterinarians.

Locally, the Eva Burrell Animal Shelter can be reached by stopping in at 6091W U.S. 2 or by calling 341-1000. Leave a description or picture of the animal, the area where the pet was lost, your name and contact information.

The EBAS often receives calls during this summer holiday time from people either losing pets or finding stray animals. Leave a telephone number where you can be reached. Your call will be returned and your concern will be addressed.

You may also inquire about upcoming events, including: the Art Fair on July 6; our wine tasting party, “An Evening Fur Friends,” on July11; the Pet Parade on July 12; and Folkfest, July 13.

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Editor’s Note: “News from the shelter” features news, updates, and events from the Eva Burrell Animal Shelter. It is submitted by the shelter’s board members and volunteers.

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