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Senior Center

The Fourth of July Celebration is scheduled for Saturday, July 6. The Senior Center will be doing a float in the parade. Any candy donations are more than welcome! They can be dropped off at the Senior Center Monday through Friday between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m.

A quick reminder, the Center offices will be closed on Thursday, July 4. There will be no Noon Meal or home-delivered meals.

We have received the Project Fresh Coupons and they are ready for distribution. Those who are age 60 years or older and are a resident of Schoolcraft County with an income of: one person - $21,257 or two person household $28,694 are eligible for $20 worth of free coupons which can be used at any Farmer’s Market that has a Project Fresh Coupon sign displayed. Nothing like fresh veggies and fruit! It is easy as one-two-three. Drop by the Senior Center, we ask you come early in the morning or late afternoon and hopefully not on Tuesdays as that is our big bingo day. For further information call the Center at 341-5923.

Whether it has been three months or three years since your loved one died, please consider joining a six week session of Good Grief. Learn coping strategies, understand grief’s journey and share stories with others who care. The six week series began on Wednesday, June 26, and will run through July 31. Meetings will be on Wednesdays from 4-5:30 p.m. at the Senior Center. Sessions are free of charge. For more information, call Janet at 341-5544.

The last six week session went so well, the group did not want to quit. Just sharing stories makes a person feel like they are not alone.

Mark your calendars. Amanda Filizetti from the Wideman Elder Care Law Office will be available for appointments at the Center on Thursday, Aug. 22. Free 30 minute sessions will be available by calling 341-5923.

Bear with me now. I am admitting I am a little behind on all the electronics out there. Apparently, even more so than our seniors. (heehee) I have recently received a few calls asking for us to do training in the use of iPads and Kindles and general internet options.

If you are interested, we invite you to join us on Mondays and Thursdays between 10-11:30 a.m. Classes will begin on Monday, July 8. We ask that you bring your iPads and Kindles with you to the class. If you do not have one, you are welcome to join us. The instructor will share the one she has. (And don’t worry, the instructor is not me.) For further information give the Center a call at 341-5923.

You are also welcome to stay after and enjoy the Noon Meal following the class. They ask $3 for Seniors, age 60 or older and $5 for a non-senior. The menu for Monday, July 8: sloppy joe, potato wedges, carrot raisin salad and apricots. For the first Thursday class, which will be held on July 11, the menu consists of baked ham, sour cream and chive potatoes, peas and carrots and pears. Dial 341-5085 to make a reservation. Please call a day in advance.

I was recently contacted by Jackie Hanson from the State Savings Bank who had some concerns of a recent scam and asked I share a little info with you. The most recent scam is somehow connected to the Publisher Clearing House, but is actually coming out of Jamaica. You will receive a telephone call asking for your account number and your routing number. You won’t hear from them for a period of time, sometimes a month or so.

Unfortunately, they are busy making their own checks with guess what, your routing and account number on them. That is where you will notice your bank account has been drained. Yes, there are some evil people out there and who better to prey on than the elderly.

Please, please keep in mind those that are legal businesses or organizations would never ever ask for your checking or savings account info or your social security number. Don’t ever give your personal info over the telephone. Unfortunately, the bank knows of someone who not only lost all her money once, but twice.

While we are on the topic, Fritz Nelson asked I mention when giving a donation you might want to ask how much goes toward the cause and how much goes to administration. She said you will be surprised. As she recently found out an organization she faithfully donated to in the past was only giving 15 percent with the rest going toward the administrative part. Wow! What a wake up call.

MDS-Community Action Board is looking for a volunteer to join their board. Meetings are held at the Community Action Agency in Escanaba the fourth Thursday of every month at 1 p.m. (They do pay mileage to and from the meeting.) If you are interested, a letter of interest can be dropped off at the Center. For further information give the Center a call at 341-5923.

A great big thank you goes out to Heidi Troyer and Andrea (Troyer) Wikerd, for being the entertainment at our most recent potluck at such a short notice. Heidi has also volunteered to assist us in lining up entertainment for upcoming monthly potlucks.

Four rooms are left for the upcoming Kewadin Sault/St. Ignace/ Hessel bus trip scheduled for Wednesday and Thursday, Sept. 11 and 12. The cost of the trip is $77 per person.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Jim Brulla’s family. Jim has been a huge asset to the Center as he was our back bone when we had questions while preparing the Homestead Property Tax, Rental and Heating Credits. He will be missed by us all!

We sincerely thank Jim and Linda Koeune for sharing potatoes, George and Deanna Fish and Grant and Ruth Taylor for the rhubarb from their gardens. Jean Flodin dropped by with her usual donation of bingo snacks.

Janet Brulla gave a donation to the Medical Loan Closet. Carl and Jean Louis dropped by the office and gave the cutest light house cookie jar with matching seagull salt and pepper shakers, along with a snowman teapot and cream and sugar set. You will get a chance to see them in some of our upcoming raffles. They also donated to our treasure and trash table.

It was nice chatting with Dreama Mominee and her daughter recently. Dreama recently moved to Manistique and gave a donation to our Medical Loan Closet.

Monetary donations have been received in memory of:

• Jim Brulla from Millie Carley and Dolores Gould

• Joyce Hamiel from Dolores Hokenson.

Maintenance and Support Donations were received from Roger and Nancy Irie and Laura Lee Tegtman.

BRIDGE June 17: 1st-Nancy Brown, 2nd-George Lowman, 3rd- Judy Provo, 4th-Don’a Nelson, 5th-Larry Savoie, CFC-Bev Jahn. Hostess, Nancy Brown.

BRIDGE June 21: 1st-Hanna Mammen, 2nd-George Lowman, 3rd-Eva Wendling, 4th-Betty Stewart, 5th-Audrey Savoie, CFCEileen St.Onge. Hostess, Audrey Savoie.

PINOCHLE June 19: 1st-Audrey Savoie, 2nd-Carl Sundling, 3rd-Peggy Beckman, Should’a Stayed Home-Charlotte Kandell.

500 June 21st: 1st-Don’a Nelson, 2nd-Pat Clark, 3rd-Carol Shampine, Should’a Stayed Home-Cathy Wise!

Birthdays this week: June 28- Ray Swanson and Pat Flint, June 29-Cliff Demers, July 1-Nancy Walters, July 2-Ivonette Robere, July 4-Shirley Westphal and Carol Gould. Happy birthday wishes to all!

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