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Letters to the Editor

To the editor:

We can’t help but wonder if the irony of the dedication of the new Schoolcraft Memorial Hospital and Rural Health Clinic was lost on its organizers. Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette, who has spent the last few years fighting the Affordable Health Care Act, will be a featured guest at their event. Wow! The man who has dedicated himself to denying many Michigan residents access to health care will help dedicate this new facility. Really? Okay then...


Dixie Anderson, chair and on behalf of the

Schoolcraft County

Democratic Club

To the editor,

I’m amazed that our city government is considering a water and sewer rate increase due to the fact that there’s been a “decrease in usage.” What did our city government expect? City water and sewer rates have been steadily increasing for years now. As a real estate agent I’ve had many customers tell me that they either want to move out of the city due to the high sewer and water rates, or they won’t consider buying a home in the city because of the high rates.

Could the water and sewer rate scenario be a contributing factor to the decline in the number of city residents as shown in our latest census? Could we continue to see a decline in the census as the city continues to challenge the household budgets of their Residents?

Didn’t our city government realize that the residents of our city would take cost saving measures to decrease their water/ sewer bills? For example, at our home we’ve installed water saving toilets, and shower heads, etc., and have been able to reduce our water usage by at least 20 percent.

So, as a conscientious resident what do I hear? The city is considering raising water and sewer rates to offset the conservation efforts of it’s citizen ... amazing!

As a past county commissioner I can appreciate the budgetary squeeze that the city is facing, however, I’m not sure that the regularly occurring rate increase in water and sewer rates, that is passed on to city residents, is the best answer in this equation. The city government may as well tell the residents of the city that we are punishing you for your conservation efforts (go figure).

I would ask our city government to reconsider this issue and how it is interpreted by city residents. I respectively suggest that our city government consider the effect such a move may have in contributing to an already declining tax base.

George Ecclesine city resident

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OMG!!! Considering another

OMG!!! Considering another water and sewer raise? I wouldn't live in Manistique city limits for anything.I feel for the people that do live there.I have to pay $40.00 a month on property that is not being used.High way robbery if you ask me.

I agree with you 100%. That

I agree with you 100%. That is one of the reasons that I no longer have a home in Manistique. Maybe it is time for the residents, who are still there, to raise some HELL, Or, are they afraid of being another PETER MARKHAN? Check your city council, and you will see how many on the council have to pay for city water and sewer. (I remember that your mayor, was the deciding vote, several years ago to raise the water and sewage) and when I questioned how he could be the deciding vote, with a well, I got a blank, nasty stare. It is time to write my letter to the Editor, and see if it is published.,To think that Peter Markham is spending his last days of his life in prison, for speaking out for you people, makes me nauseated. Then to hear, with my own ears, that your great mayor pro tem had been CHEATING the city with water usage, really blew my mind. I saw NOTHING of that in the notes from the council meeting...... I paid a water bill of over $300.00 dollars from a leak just before I sold my home, and when I complained, I got NOWHERE. People in Manistique complain to each other, but until they band together and do something, nothing will change, If you were to check where each of these so called PROMINENT people live, you would be surprised, even to the Chief of Police, how many live out of the city limits. As for me, I knew that every time that I appeared at City Hall, it was "Here comes the B______! If I had stayed in Manistique, I may have been occupying the cell next to Peter. I also hope, that all of you who put in in Jackson Prison are able to sleep at night......It was amazing to me and ALL that I share my Tribune with, that he got LIFE( so to speak) and the person who shot into a car about the same time, got his hands slapped. Time for a new City Government??????? Fern Robinson