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Senior Center

Sad, sad, sad. Unfortunately, the Center recently had the American flag along with a Military flag recently stolen. The culprit not only took the flags, but they took the heavy nylon rope and brass fixtures to hang it from also. Less than two months ago, the Center also had another attempted burglary. Why am I writing this? I am asking for extra eyes if you happen to be in the area after work hours. How pathetic can someone be! Stealing from a Senior Center is a low as it gets!

Make sure you welcome the new head cook at the Center. Amanda Kandell recently took Belinda Gardapee’s position. Unfortunately Belinda has moved and she will be missed. Amanda is a Gulliver girl, born and raised here and loves to cook. Welcome Amanda! To sign up for a Noon Meal just give the kitchen a call at 341-5085. Please try to call a day in advance.

Does anyone have a nice medium sized basket (with no handles) they would like to donate to the Center. We are looking for something to better display our “free” items in.

Last week I mentioned a few names of young guys willing to do odd jobs such as raking, mowing, removing docks, etc. Due to forgetting to mention one of the names I am going to be a repeat. Here goes:

• Shawn Hamill 341-3353 or 450-4608

• Levi Weber 450-4276

• Zack Schnurer 450-1123

All three boys work on their own and are not employees of the Senior Center. Please, please call and let us know how they do if they work for you. This will make our decision on referring them to others.

Please be fair with them and pay them a reasonable rate.

Mark it on your calendar! Saturday, Oct. 19, we will be doing a one day bus trip to Munising Moose Lodge to watch “Petey and the Dreamers.” We have been fortunate enough to have local businesses sponsor the event making the tickets free. Due to this we are only asking for a $7 donation to cover the bus. We have plans of doing “dinner on your own” as we have in the past, so our plans would be to leave the Senior Center parking lot at 3 p.m. allowing us time to eat.

I know that I am giving you the date a little in advance, but I am encouraging you to sign up at least three weeks in advance, which will allow us time to make the necessary arrangements. For further information call the Center at 341- 5923. Keep in mind we are always open to suggestions.

Are you looking for an electric bed? The senior center has one in the loan closet. Feel free to give the Center a call at 341-5923 or drop by and staff will gladly show it to you.

The Center has an electric mower for sale. If you are interested feel free to drop by or call the above telephone number.

Brittany Baker, the newest gal in the office, is interested in doing a Senior Center float for the upcoming Fourth of July parade. We do have our faithful walkers already lined up. If you would be interested in assisting Brittany with this task, please give her a call at the Center, 341-5923. We are also looking for decorations along with candy to throw to the kiddies. Donations can be dropped off at the Center Monday through Friday, between the hours of 8 a.m. and 4 p.m.

Wideman Elder Care Law Office has been so busy they have agreed to make a visit to the Senior Center again in July. They will once again be accepting appointments for free 30 minute sessions. I encourage you to call the Center as early as possible, we had to add a few names to the waiting list for this coming visit. How do I describe Susan and Amanda. “They talk in a language we understand and not in lawyer lingo.” Everyone has been very pleased with their services.

Forest Wolfe dropped by the Center and donated a beautiful crocheted afghan, in memory of his wife, Donna Agnes MacGregor Wolfe, which will be given away at one of our upcoming raffles. He also gave a few miscellaneous items.

Medical equipment was received from Ila Manning for our Medical Loan Closet and an anonymous donor dropped by with maintenance and support donation, while home visiting.

To have the talent, and to share it! A great big thank you to Cliff Dyer for surprising us with his handmade bowls. Watch for them in our upcoming raffles.

A monetary donation has been received in memory of Leroy Oberg from Estella Oberg

Maintenance and Support donations were received from Rita Chartier, Doris Martin, and anonymous.

BRIDGE June 10: 1st-Pat flint, 2nd-Joyce LaTulip, 3rd-Audrey Savoie, 4th-Nancy Brown, CFCBev Jahn. Hostess, Hanna Mammen.

BRIDGE June 14: 1st-Audrey Savoie, 2nd-Hanna Mammen, 3rd- Eileen St. Onge, 4th-Joyce Lesica, CFC-Judy Provo. Hostess, Mary Ann Thorell.

DUPLICATE BRIDGE June 12: 1st-Joyce LaTulip and Pat Flint, 2nd-Audrey and Larry Savoie, 3rd- Hanna Mammen and George Lowman.

PINOCHLE June 12: 1st-Gary Hill, 2nd-Peggy Beckman, 3rd- Don’a Nelson, Should’a Stayed Home-Char Turek.

500 June 14: 1st-Peggy Beckman, 2nd-Carl Sundling, 3rd- Teddy Bouchard, Should’a Stayed Home-Ruth Jones.

Birthdays this week: June 24-Phyllis Shannon, June 25-Vonciel LeDuc, June 28-Ray Swanson and Pat Flint, June 29-Clifford Demers. Happy birthday wishes to all!

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