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News from the Shelter

With the arrival of warm weather, the “kit ’n caboodle” express often stops at the Eva Burrell Animal Shelter. Cats are warm weather breeders so, throughout the summer, unwanted litters of kittens will probably find help and care at our local shelter. They will promptly be tested for feline leukemia, an insidious contagion. If they are fe-luk negative, eventually they will join the rumpus in the kitten room.

The kitten room at the Eva Burrell Animal Shelter is a comfortable room for these charming and mischievous tots in which to romp, play, and snuggle together. The room is full of feline favorites – little climbing stairs, short scratching posts, cushy hiding places and lots of toys just the right size for petite paws. A comfy chair sits in the corner of the room next to the window, offering a comfortable seat for a potential client to sit and watch the kittens play and interact. If you are a fan of the feline persuasion, the kitten room is a place that offers gobs of giggles and waves of relaxation. Visitors and volunteers sitting in the room are greeted by the little ones who love laps. The kittens climb up the legs of the guests sitting in the chair – sometimes ten little kittens at once can be looking for attention in a lap, on shoulder, even trying to climb onto the visitors head! They want to play with pigtails, ponytails, glasses, shoelaces, drawstrings – everything is a toy! Currently, the kitten room is populated with several adorable kittens representing just about every personality from shy to bold and every color combination from solid to stripped or swirled.

Many unplanned and unwanted kittens fill shelters all over the country; at least the lucky ones do. Countless others languish in abandonment or fall victim to predators. We take this opportunity to remind you to spay and neuter your pets to help prevent the tragic plight of pet overpopulation. To EBAS, the happiest kitten room is an empty kitten room – either because the little charmers have been adopted by responsible owners or because unwanted pregnancies have been prevented.

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Editor’s Note: “News from the shelter” features news, updates, and events from the Eva Burrell Animal Shelter. It is submitted by the shelter’s board members and volunteers.

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