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Senior Center

The Sault-St. Ignace-Hessel Kewadin overnight bus trip is over half filled. If you are interested, I encourage you to sign up as soon as possible. The date is Wednesday, Sept. 11 and 12, and the cost is $77 per person.

The $77 includes transportation by Kewadin Motorcoach, accommodations at the Sault casino, a fabulous dinner buffet, along with a yummy breakfast buffet the next morning. You also receive $50 in coins and have an additional $10 in credits added to your Northern Reward players card. You will also receive $10 in deli vouchers which can be used at any Kewadin. There is no expiration date on the deli vouchers, so they can be used at any time.

Wednesday you will want to register your Northern Rewards card at the desk, as you will receive a $15 gas voucher for putting 50 points on your card. Wednesday is also double point day.

If you are a bingo player, bring your bingo dauber and lucky pieces as Wednesday is also the day for bingo. The doors open at 5 p.m. with play beginning at 7 p.m.

We also have to remind you to please use your Northern Rewards card when playing as this keeps the cost of the trip down. The Center receives incentive points from the use of your cards. As we know, all events are subject to change.

If you receive our monthly newsletter, you will get an itinerary of the trip, which includes departure and arrival times along with my cell phone number.

I encourage you to sign up for our newsletter, which is $5 per year. This will keep you updated on all of our upcoming activities. Info needed is your name, address, phone number and birth date of you (and spouse).

We often find ourselves not eating like we should, if we have to fix a meal for one or two. Why not fix a dish and start attending our monthly potlucks, where there is always a nice variety of goodies. Our potlucks are held the third Thursday of each month, beginning at 4 p.m. with entertainment, and eating at 5 p.m. It is a great way to meet new friends along with sitting down and chatting with old friends. Our next potluck is scheduled for Thursday, June 20.

I have to laugh as we all know the beginning of the summer we all tend to think about losing a little weight. Anyway, I chuckled as I read this and felt it worth sharing:

• If walking is good for your health, the postman would be immortal.

• A whale swims all day, only eats fish, drinks water and is fat.

• A rabbit runs and hops all day and lives only 15 years.

• A tortoise is slow, does nothing and lives 450 years ... and we are told to exercise?

Wasn’t that cute?

Take the time to drop by the Center and check out our crafts for sale. They make wonderful gifts and are all homemade, not to mention very reasonable. You will find a large assortment of baby quilts, afghans, baby and toddler sweaters/hats, baby booties, sweaters and dresses, wash cloths, scrubbies, hand-carved wooden items, embroidered pictures, pot holders, and carry bags, I could go on and on. There is even handmade greeting cards to purchase to go along with your gift giving.

If you are crafty and are interested in displaying your handmade items at the Center, give Cathy Wise a call at 341-3801.

Glenda Francis dropped by with flowers to be added to our planting. There are a few extra lilies if anyone wants for the taking. A great big thank you goes out to Jackie Bruce for getting all our flowers in. Last year was phenomenal. Let’s see how the flowers do this summer.

Grant and Ruth Taylor dropped by with rhubarb.

Monetary donations have been received in memory of:

• Dr. Duane Waters from Mary Jo Sablack

• Dick Berger from Mary Jo Sablack

• Theresa Gray from Mary Jo Sablack

• Clyde Chartier from Mary Jo Sablack

• Irene Burley from the Burley Family

BRIDGE June 3: 1st-Bev Jahn, 2nd-Audrey Savoie, 3rd- Joyce LaTulip, 4th-Helen Barton, 5th-George Lowman, CFC-Eva Wendling. Hostess, Eva Wendling.

BRIDGE June 7: 1st-George Lowman, 2nd-Pat Flint, 3rd-Joyce LaTulip, 4th-Audrey Savoie, 5th-Mary Lou Marx, CFC-Lois Bellville. Hostess, Ann Willcock.

PINOCHLE June 5: 1st-Pat Flint, 2nd-Bill Keener, 3rd-Don’a Nelson, Should’a Stayed Home- Carol Shampine.

500 June 7: 1st-Don’a Nelson, 2nd-Ruth Jones, 3rd-Pat Clark, Should’a Stayed Home-Carl Sundling.

Birthdays this week: June 13-Donna Barber and Diane LaLonde, June 15-Bill Morden, June 16-Carol Anderson, Gil Studinger, and Nancy Brown, and on June 20-Dolores Gould and Char Turek.

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