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Senior Center

The first day of summer is fast approaching. With this I am looking for ideas on trips which might be of interest to you. If you have any info or any ideas to share, please feel free to drop by my office or call the Center at 341-5923.

A trip came to my mind which is a little ways off, but it would give us time to see if there is enough interest to make the necessary arrangements. Would you be interested in going to the Christmas on Ice show, which is being held at the Island Resort and Casino in Escanaba? The date that we would be looking at is Sunday, Dec. 15. The show begins at 3 p.m. The cost would be $37 per person, which would include the ticket to the show and transportation provided by Public Transit.

We will depart from the Senior Center parking lot at 11:30 a.m. Now the big thing, please do not wait until the last minute to sign up, or we may have already cancelled. I am sure we would have to get our tickets early if we want to all sit near each other.

A great big “farewell” goes out to the head cook (Belinda Gardapee) on her recent departure. We will all miss her at the Center, and wish her the best!

We have had several drop into the Center, along with receiving several telephone calls, asking for the Project Fresh Coupons. Due to this I have contacted Sherri King, who oversees the program. My answer to this was: “The shipping department has not been able to give me a date yet that they will be shipping them. As soon as I get it I will send out an email. I am guessing it will be soon.” Other newsletters I have received mention they are not due to receive them until sometime towards the end of June. Soon as we receive them we will try to get them advertised, but feel free to drop by the office and check also.

I have also had requests asking for assistance with odd jobs, which include raking, mowing, pulling weeds, etc. Two names I recently received who are interested and just recently out of school are Zack Schnurer (906) 450-1123 and Levi Weber (906) 450-4276. They are not employees of the Senior Center and would be willing to do the work on their own. If you use either of these guys, please let the Center know how they did, which would give us an idea whether to pass their names along. The Center’s phone number is 341-5923.

As I have mentioned previously, Wideman’s Elder Law Attorney, had scheduled another date to come to the Center. The date is Thursday, June 13. She will be doing a seminar at 10:30 a.m. until noon, which will be open to the public. We were also asked to schedule 30 minute free appointments for oneon one sessions. Unfortunately, due to the tremendous demand, these sessions are already filled. Susan and Amanda asked I take a waiting list and they would gladly come over another day. If you are interested, you can make an appointment by calling the Center at 341-5923.

There are a few volunteers I sometimes forget to mention, but want to mention they do not go unnoticed for what they do. One is Howard Harbottle, who is always willing to climb those attic stairs for storing our holiday decorations, running errands, you name it. Thanks, Howard. Many of you might know Howard as a noon meal home-delivery driver. He works in the kitchen at the Center.

Every Thursday you will find Karen Colwell faithfully rearranging the bookshelves, tidying it up and replacing old with new. This can be quite the task at times. Karen also keeps our scrap book up to date. Thanks, Karen.

Mary and Len LaFleur are often found spending time decorating the Center for various holidays. Mary behind the scenes also sends out get well cards, and lines up our entertainment for potlucks. And what an awesome job this couple does. Sharon Fish and Mary Burns jump right in on volunteering at potlucks. Thanks, girls. Harless Clemons also gave a helping hand.

Cathy Wise, as a volunteer, has taken on the big task of keeping our craft corner filled. She contacts all the crafters and takes on divvying all the sales to the right person. She also adds that special touch to make it look so presentable.

Our bingo workers are priceless. Larry Savoie, Jean Louis and Dan Barber go out of their way to make your Tuesday bingo enjoyable. We also need to mention Audrey Savoie, George Lowman and Cathy Wise who put countless hours in volunteering lining up card players. Mary Burns, who will do any volunteer favor asked, surprised our last bus trip with her homemade treats. Sue Studinger treated everyone on the bus also.

Then we have our outstanding volunteer drivers who can be on the road for up to 10 hours a day. They are like “gold” to the Center. This is a service that would not be possible without their assistance. Drivers include: Joanne Annelin, Bob Elcoate, Richard Johnson, Jennifer Neadow, Wesley Turan, Glenda Francis and John and Joanne Kleis.

Of course we could go on and on about other volunteers. If you didn’t see your name, it certainly isn’t because we forgot you. We have board members, fundraiser volunteers, cooks, etc. All I can say is, we have the best volunteers in the whole wide world! Each and every one of you is the best!

With my having an interest in motorcycle riding, I couldn’t help but notice Bob Howard, who is a young spry 84 years old, who mentioned he is still riding. He dropped by the Center with a donation recently.

Jean Flodin dropped by with her bag of goodies for bingo. Bill and Donna Rogers gave a treasure and trash donation and Deb Fountain gave a medical loan closet donation.

Maintenance and support donations were received from Jim Brulla and Laura Lee Tegtman.

BRIDGE May 31: 1st-Eileen St. Onge, 2nd-Bev Jahn, 3rd- Ann Willcock, 4th-Judy Provo, 5th-George Lowman, CFC-Barb O’Conner. Hostess, Audrey Savoie.

500 May 31: 1st-Don’a Nelson, 2nd-Ruth Jones, 3rd-Teddy Bouchard, Should’a Stayed Home- Carol Shampine.

Birthdays this week: June 7-Judy Rodgers, Wayne Scherer, and Leonard LaFleur, June 8-Donna Rogers, June 9-Luella Schweiderson, June 11-Mary Lou Marx, June 13-Donna Barber and Diane LaLonde. Happy birthday wishes to all.

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