2013-06-06 / Community

News from the shelter

“Many hands make light work” is an indisputable truism. Very capable and willing hands constructed the Eva Burrell Animal Shelter. Community members and other interested individuals contributed supplies and money –sometimes a lot, sometimes a little – to help establish the facility. We were most fortunate to have the support which continues to this day.

Perhaps now is the time to share that fine spirit and compassion that is so evident in our community. We’ve done it before in New Orleans. We can do it again with the devastation of Moore, Okla., by that powerful tornado. After Hurricane Katrina, our shelter manager joined other skilled animal handlers to rescue, treat and re-home the displaced and injured pets from Hurricane Katrina. They took with them much needed supplies which had been donated by area businesses and concerned individuals. Now the people and pets of Moore could use a helping hand. Already a group of people associated with EBAS have assisted, because we would like to think that if catastrophe visited us, people would rally to help with recovery efforts.

Help can be offered in many ways: gift cards to various major retailers; supplies of bleach, dish soap, scrub brushes, garbage bags, animal crates of all sizes, pet food. When you have nothing, everything is needed. Gift cards and/ or checks can be sent to Moore Animal Adoption Center, 3900 South I35 Service Road, Moore, OK 73160.

The residents and animals of Moore, Okla., could use many hands from many sources to lighten their work and worry. EBAS encourages our compassionate and caring community to lend a hand and help a fellow neighbor, no matter how far away or how unknown they may be to us.

Note: No shelter funds have been used in these instances – only donated private monies and supplies earmarked for these rescue efforts.

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