2013-05-30 / Outdoors

Fish Report

Well, if you are wondering if summer is really coming I will tell you that the bugs have figured it out already and in some areas they are looking for a free meal. In fact, in some cases the whole family is coming in to enjoy the feast. I have been in a few places this past week where these bugs must have figured I was the main course on a buffet.

So if the saying holds true when they say when the bugs start biting so do the fish, fishing ought to be good out there.

Speaking of fishing, I have decided to contact my senator and congressman in Washington and ask for a grant to do some research that affects those my age up here in the U.P. They seem to have money for everything and everyone else that wants to do a research paper so I figure why not get in on it.

I came to this conclusion the other night after all the rain we had received when I was out picking night crawlers. You have to realize that in my younger days I was what you would call a pro and maybe even an “Exspurt” on night crawler picking. So I feel fully qualified to do this study. (Or at least as qualified as a lot of other people that get these federal grants to do studies.)

The first part of my study would involve speed, reflexes, and coordination.

In this part of the research I would have to set up a plan to figure out if the night crawlers have all got faster in the last 55 years or, and I find this hard to believe, I have gotten slower. It could not be that flashlight to eyes, then eyes to brain, then brain to hand, back to light on night crawler causes your hand to move slower 55 years later.

Or could it be that night crawlers have got faster because when I am only between flashlights to eyes moving to brain without even time for my hand to get the message the night crawler has gone back underground.

Maybe I should explain here, I started out with a great plan that really could impact this study. Not only did I have a normal hand-held flashlight but I had a hat on with led lights mounted in the hat brim so the night crawlers would not stand a chance. At least this was the plan.

The next part of my study involves that hand-eye coordination and the fact would this be better served from a kneeling position or from a bent over position. While laboring on this point I came to the conclusion that at times three hands would come in handy at my age picking night crawlers.

In getting facts for my study I had a lot of suggestions like using a candle when picking night crawlers because a flashlight is just too bright. My first thought was if I have trouble seeing them with a flashlight how in the world could I see them with a candle? My second thought was with the rain and wind, what are the chances of the candle staying lit. So I stuck with the flashlight and took my chances.

One other little item that should not happen because it only causes problems is when you all of a sudden see four to five night crawlers all at once. I soon found out after much deep study that if you take the time and get greedy trying to figure out how to get more than one you usually get none.

The next part of my study would involve the health factor with night crawler picking.

You see last year (you have to understand this is usually a once a year adventure) when going out to stock up for fishing with grandkids after just so long my over-the-hill back came to my attention and informed me that between age 17 and 70, parts of your body thinks it would be a whole lot simpler to just go out and buy the night crawlers.

But this year I must have been in training for my night crawler picking because all the time I was out there my back never even came to my attention. So I figured I had the physical part of night crawler picking all figured out. That is until I got out of or should I say tried to get out of bed the next morning and found out my leg muscles had replaced my aching back from the year before. And I might add it was far worse than my back ache and lasts days longer.

The last part of my study would be to find out if there is any way to have night crawlers come out before dark with daylight savings time. This is because by the time it gets dark and you wait for an hour for the crawlers to come out it is way past your bedtime. Besides it is way past Wifee’s bedtime too because she has to stay up until I come in to make sure a crawler has not won and dragged me down underground with him.

So you see in life there are things that are not always as simple as they should be and one of these is the difference between 17 and 70.

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