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Could the city of Manistique bottle its water?

Council to consider the expense of bottling

MANISTIQUE – The city will look into the possibility of selling its water in bottles. The decision to explore the process and its cost was made during Tuesday night’s meeting of the Manistique City Council.

Following the city’s recent win at the regional American Water Works Association of Michigan’s Drinking Water Taste-Off, City Manager Sheila Aldrich said she and Water/Waste Water Superintendent Corey Barr felt a next logical step was to see if the city could garner revenue from the water.

“I just would maybe like us to think about a possibility for generating more revenue in water,” she said. “With the quality of water we’re producing at the plant, and with the water winning the taste test in the Upper Peninsula – we are getting such favorable reviews on our water, that I’ve asked Cory to possibly look into setting up a small bottling plant at our water plant and selling water.”

Manistique’s water treatment plant underwent a nearly two-year improvement project worth approximately $6.8 million beginning in 2011.

Now complete, the facility is the only facility in the Upper Peninsula, and one of a handful in Michigan, to use an ozone treatment system in its water-treatment process.

In addition to the system, several areas in the 33-year-old facility were rehabilitated during the construction project, including pumps, filter tanks, electronic controls and various other components.

“Cory says we have the room now at the plant with the new building there,” she said. “We have room to set one up (a bottler) and we have a distributor to move it (bottles) through.”

Mayor Dave Peterson noted he would like to see what Barr finds out about the process, and with the remaining council members, granted approval for him to further explore the matter.

Barr said he would bring more information back to council at a later date.

“I think it would be a very quick payback – a little investment, but with quick payback,” Barr said.

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