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Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,

The majority of Michigan’s white-tail deer hunters are about to get a big surprise thanks to a minority of avid and passionate but selfish hunter activists. Through social and political relationships with those in authority within the Michigan Department of Natural Resources Wildlife Division, they are demanding regulation changes statewide that will enhance their hunting experience at the expense of the majority. How will they achieve this? They will achieve this by passing regulations that require all hunters practice antler point restrictions. Their goals are to achieve a 3/4 restriction in zones 1 and 2 and a 4/4 restriction for zone 3. By doing this, they are asking the NRC to put their trophy rooms ahead of our family heritage and hunting traditions. Also, they are taking away our right to choose how to put venison in our freezers.

The Wildlife Division has stated many times that mandatory antler point restrictions are not needed for biological reasons, and will not improve or enhance the health of the resource. They also state publically that the Division supports the voluntary implementation of antler point restrictions, but privately, they have been working with these groups to expand these mandatory restrictions statewide. Additionally, the last MAR’s survey in the Northwest Lower Peninsula, 12 Counties, was fraught with bias toward the sponsoring organization and compromised throughout the process.

They have been successful so far because of what they believe is apathy on the part of the majority of Michigan’s average Joe, nonaffiliated deer hunters. I believe “distraction” is a better word. Just because they don’t eat, sleep and breathe deer hunting 24/7 and 12 months a year like the pro-MAR’s hunters, they are being punished. Is this fair because their families, faiths, jobs, hobbies and other interest take priority over deer hunting the other 10 or 11 months of the year? I say no!

The decision for the NW 12 County proposal will be made at the next NRC meeting in Lansing on June 13 at the MSU Diagnostic Center, 4125 Beaumont Road. It is imperative to act now! Voice your disapproval of Mandatory Antler Restrictions by an e-mail to the NRC at www.whippled1@ michigan.gov or join us in person at the meeting site on June 13 as Michigan SMART Hunters are organizing opposition for this proposal. For more information, go to our website at www.michigansmarthunters.com.

Just remember, for these minority groups to succeed, it just takes a majority of good hunters to be silent.

Curtis Stone

Howell. Mich.

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