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Fish Report

Well, you have to wonder about all the “Exspurts” that had the world coming to an end with the early spring and then all the hotdry weather we had last year. So what happens! This year we are still waiting for that warm or hot weather that leads into summer. I am sure it may get here down the road sometime but I am still keeping all avenues open so I am set no matter what kind of weather comes our way.

But as I have said many times before, I will sure take our crazy weather up here rather than what they get in other parts of the country.

You that have read my articles throughout the years know how I feel about all those that served our country, so I could have the life I have and receive all the blessings with the family and friends I have.

Maybe this poem that came my way says it better than I can and it is my way of saying “Thank You” to all the veterans out there and their families.

We buried another veteran today

We buried another veteran today. He went to his God, from us, he went away. This one was young, in the prime of his life. He left twin children and a very courageous wife.

It wasn’t a bullet, a plane crash or a bomb. It was cancer, and he just finally, could not hold on. He fought “it” like a military campaign. But the time came to surrender, to end his earthly pain.

He knew he would be fine in the presence of his Lord. But what about his twins, those children he adored?

Will they grow strong and at “life” win. Please God, let them always remember him.

We buried another veteran today. It seems, all my life, it has happened this way. From my uncles of the WW II-time frame. To the military friends, Vietnam would claim. For me the number of dead, is always on the rise. When I get a call another veteran is gone, it is never really a surprise.

From lost sub-mariners, in early days of my life. To the forever gone, military-medical friends of my veteran wife.

I lost a Korean War veteran friend this year, to a crashed airplane. I lost a Gulf War friend to cancer, a difference in their age, but still that pain. I lost an Uncle to cancer who did Korea with the Navy, steaming off shores. I lost my father-in-law who fought in Korea, from a “fox-hole” in the frozen outdoors.

We buried another Veteran today. It seems in all my family’s generations, it happens this way. From my Revolutionary War grandfathers who started this sad, but needed trend. To the family members on both sides in 1861, who just would not bend.

Some of my family lived a long and happy life, after “their” war. They died of old age in their bed, safe-behind a locked door. They died in battle, buried where they fell. They died years later, carrying emotional scars, in their own personal hell.

My family is no different than thousands who met our Nation’s call. They rose to the demands of this country and some gave their “all”.

We have to continue doing this, to make America free. But, it’s that Veteran’s twin-little children that keeps worrying me.

We buried another Veteran today. It seems all my life it continues this way. Now my only child is nine and we reside on a military installation. My wife and I truly want her to live safe, in a free nation. But what happens, when it is her-generation’s turn to make a stand.

Do we lose our only child in some forsaken-foreign land? Does she play it safe, stay home and say “that’s boy’s stuff”. Or does she join like her mother and go right into the ruff. She has to be that one Veteran I don’t see, make that final “call”

Let me go before her, let me first give this country my fighting “all”. Maybe if I go “out-there” and make my final stand. She can stay safe-at-home, in this wonderful free land.

There are still those out there, around the world, away from family protecting us. So as you spend time enjoying everything going on over Memorial Day weekend, take time to say a prayer for those men and women and remember the true meaning why we have a Memorial Day celebration.

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