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News from the shelter

A basic adoption fee of $75 at the Eva Burrell Animal Shelter is modest, but the worth of the cat or dog adopted is much more than its price.

A great deal of preparation and work is involved before one of our shelter animals is ready for adoption. First of all, we provide a safe and clean environment. Second, spay and neutering surgeries are completed or scheduled and paid for if the animal is too young. Third, basic vaccinations are current unless a puppy or a kitten is not old enough to be inoculated. Forth, health issues have been addressed and resolved. Fifth, a healthy diet has been fed. Sixth, management has worked to correct behavior issues. Seventh, volunteers have provided socialization and exercise for all cats and dogs. Eighth, each dog receives basic manners training. Ninth, some dogs are highly trained due to our inmate dog training program at the Alger Correctional Facility – in which case the adoption fee is slightly higher. Tenth, grooming (brushing, bathing, nail trimming) is done regularly.

After this process, an EBAS shelter cat/kitten or dog/puppy is ready and eager for its new home. The EBAS’ goal is to return safe, healthy and happy pets to the community. Adoptive families need only to continue the love and good care. What a deal!

Upcoming shelter events:

Bake Sale: June 22 at Little Bear West with Community Yard Sale

Pet Photo Contest by Petique: For the entire month of July

Art Fair information booth and display: July 6, Central Park

Pet Parade: July 12, Triangle Park

Folkfest: July 13 – EBAS dunk tank at Triangle Park

Flyball Tournament: July 20 – 21, U.P. State Fairgrounds, Escanaba

Annual rumage and holiday sale: August 14 – 15, Community Room

Fall Festival and Craft Fair: Sept. 21, Hiawatha Community Center

Bingo Party: Oct. 26, Manistique Senior Citizen Center

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Editor’s Note: “News from the shelter” features news, updates, and events from the Eva Burrell Animal Shelter. It is submitted by the shelter’s board members and volunteers.

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