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Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,

This and that.

Volunteers, volunteers, volunteers. Where would Manistique be without them? Right now I’m thinking of the beautiful vocal concert of the Manistique Glee Club and Manistique Community Choral. I personally thank the three very talented people, Teresa Mathews, Virginia Stark, and James Russey, that have stepped up to organize and direct these two activities. No pay, a lot of time involved, but a deep interest in getting music back in Manistique. If you didn’t see the show on April 27-28, you really missed a terrific community event. Hopefully, it will continue.

Now for recognizing other volunteers ... School board members, presidents/officers of the Kiwanis, the Lions Club, the Retired School Personnel, and the Women’s Club, the people that run CBC, Folkfest, DDA, summer concerts, Boy/Girl Scouts, Salmon Derby, Snofest, parades, roadside clean-up, etc. I could go on and on. Many of these volunteers are retired persons that care. They care about Manistique, they care about what happens here, they care about our youth, they care about encouraging tourists to come here, they care about our employment, and they are proud of this area. There is a need for you, someplace, somewhere.

Roadside pick-up.

In my 20 minute ride to Manistique, I am appalled by the garbage along the roadsides. What a mess! If each of us just cleans our property line, it wouldn’t take long and it would look beautiful! Be proud of where you live! There are residential sites that are dumps. In fact, they are worse because dumps are organized! They are accidents ready to happen. We need to enforce blight laws. Be Proud of what you own! Boardwalk.

I can’t believe all the people that use our boardwalk! It has been one of the best assets of Manistique. Thank you DDA. I do encourage you to continue to develop our lake line. It has great possibilities. I would like to see your 20+ year plan of development. I encourage you to listen to the ideas of others. I have heard some thoughtful, useful ideas.

Assets of children.

What does a child/youth need to succeed? According to the Profiles of Student Life: Attitudes and Behaviors Survey, they need 40 developmental assets. The more assets a youth experiences the more likely he/she will succeed in life and avoid fewer risk taking behaviors. Strong family mental, spiritual, and physical values start very early. You, as a parent, as a sibling, as a grandparent, as a neighbor, as a teacher, as a pastor, as a business person, are models. Do you copy some of the behaviors of your family? Yes, we all do. Check to see what you can do by logging on to www.glcyd.org.

Karen Klaus


Dear Editor,

Spring is here at last, so start thinking about flowers. We’re sure you’ve noticed all the little green sprouts popping up all over town. Soon we’ll have tulips and daffodils blooming, followed by other spring flowers. Our perennial project is proving to be very successful.

Since Project Petunia is a volunteer organization, we could not do everything we do without generous donations of time and money from this community. We have an account at State Savings Bank where you can donate to this worthwhile project. You can also send your donations to Jackie Bruce at 788N Gulliver Lake RD., Gulliver, MI 49840 or Andrea Wedegartner at 7717W Island Lake Rd., Manistique, MI 49854.

You’ll notice a big change this year. Instead of having hanging baskets all through town, we’ll only have them on the siphon bridge. We will, however, be working with the Rotary Club on the tree tubs downtown. They will be planted with annuals and perennials.

Since we work so hard to make Manistique beautiful each summer, we are asking for your cooperation in keeping it that way. Please keep bicycles out of the beds, and don’t throw your litter in them.

Also, just admire the variety of flowers. If you pick them, no one else can enjoy them.

Thank You,

Jackie Bruce

Andrea Wedegartner

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