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Senior Center

Several have been asking if we have plans of doing the Senior Project Fresh Coupons again this year. The answer is definitely! Once again we will be offering free $20 coupon booklets allowing seniors to purchase fresh veggies. The guidelines in order to qualify are:

• Applicant must be 60 years of age or older at time of application.

• The main residence of the applicant must be in Schoolcraft County.

• Total household income must not exceed 185 percent of poverty, which is $21,257 for one person in a household and $28,694 for a two person household.

Let me refresh your memory on how they are used. They can be used at any farmer’s market that has a sign posted mentioning that they accept Senior Project Fresh Coupons. You will receive a packet that has coupons valued at $2 each. I want to stress that you will not get change back from your coupons. If you spend $2.10 I encourage you to give them the dime, because if you use two $2 coupons you will lose the $1.90 value.

As soon as we receive the coupons it will be announced.

For those of you who are planning on going to the Sault, St. Ignace, Hessel Overnight Kewadin Bus Trip on Wednesday and Thursday, May 22 and 23, we are asking you to be at the Center by 8:45 a.m. This will allow us time to get the suitcases loaded. The bus will depart at 9 a.m. sharp. Please park your car at the adjacent parking lot, so those attending the daily activities at the Center can use the main parking lot while we are gone.

I recently shared some wrong information. I was asked for the telephone number of the Do Not Call Registry. Unfortunately I gave out an old number. I now have a new number to share with you. To register, you must call from the telephone you want to be added to the list. Dial (888) 382-1222. For TTY call (866) 290-4236.

Registrations do not expire, so there is no need to re-register your phone numbers. If a company tries to contact you after the initial 31 day registration period, you may file a complaint at (888) 382-1222.

When you get a telemarketing call, simply say, “put me on your ‘do not call’ list.” The federal Telephone Consumer Protection Act of 1991 requires companies to keep this list. Your request must be honored for five years. You may also register on-line at www.donotcall.gov. If you choose to register online, you must have a working e-mail account to complete your registration.

Would you like to confirm a charity is credible before giving? Call the Michigan Attorney General’s Office, Charitable Trust Section at (517) 373-1152, or visit the webpage at www.michigan.gov/ag to find out if the charity is registered in Michigan, as required.

For those of you who want to reduce Junk Mail, you are encouraged to drop by the Center and pick up a form which needs to be mailed in, along with $1. Or better yet, drop your recycling off at the Senior Center, Monday through Friday, between the hours of 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Welcome back Tom Hoholik. Tom and Frank Sweeny will be the entertainment at our potluck today (May 16) so you will not want to miss this one. Entertainment will begin at 4 p.m. Dinner will be served at approximately 5 p.m. Call a few friends and join us for a nice evening of socializing.

Monetary donations have been received in memory of:

• Theresa Gray from Ed Savage

• Debbie Carlson from Peggy Beckman

• Joseph Lutzenberger from Bill and Doris Norman

• Clara L. Gray from Charlamaine

BRIDGE May 6: 1st-Judy Provo, 2nd-Pat Flint, 3rd-George Lowman, 4th-Joyce LaTulip, CFC-Eva Wendling. Hostess, Patsy Calhoun.

BRIDGE May 10: 1st-Audrey Savoie, 2nd-Barb O’Conner, 3rd- Joyce LaTulip, 4th-Julie Hoholik, 5th-Hanna Mammen, CFC-Ann Willcock. Hostess, Joyce LaTulip.

DUPLICATE BRIDGE: May 8: 1st-Hanna Mammen and George Lowman, 2nd-Bill and Doris Norman, 3rd-Pat Flint and Joyce LaTulip.

PINOCHLE May 8: 1st-Audrey Newborn, 2nd-Peg Beckman, 3rd-Nancy Casey.

500 May 10: 1st-Nancy Casey, 2nd-Peg Beckman, 3rd-Teddy Bouchard, Should’a Stayed Home- Ruth Jones.

Birthdays this week: May 18-Marge Seavoy and Gloria Rogers and on the May 23-Marie Tyda. Happy birthday to all!

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