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Senior Center

I am often asked the question, how much will it cost for me or my spouse to go into Schoolcraft Medical Care Facility, which is a local nursing home. Because of this I found some of the answers for you.

As of Oct. 1, 2012, a standard semi-private room is $210 per day. The cost includes 24 hour nursing care, physician visits, meals, laundry, restorative therapy, activities, variety, spontaneity and companionship. You may be eligible for a Medicare Part A benefit to cover part of your rehab-stay; or financial assistance through Medicaid to help cover part of the costs.

If you go into SCMCF following a hospital stay of three or more days and need rehabilitation, you are eligible for a Medicare Part A Benefit/ Skilled stay. You are offered between 0-100 days of Part A Benefit, depending how long you need for recovery. Medicare Advantage plans cover costs differently so it is recommended that you call your insurance to find out details.

If you go to SCMCF from home, your stay will be private pay. You are eligible for financial assistance from Medicaid if you have less than $2,000 in “countable assets”. SCMCF social workers will assist you and your family with a Medicaid application.

I am also asked if those residing there are allowed to leave to visit or stay with relatives and friends. You are encouraged to visit with family and friends in and out of the facility. If you are staying under a Medicare Part A benefit stay, trips outside of SCMCF need to be planned around your therapy schedule. If your stay depends upon payment from Medicare Part A, Medicaid, or private insurance, talk with the social worker when you plan outings.

Another question asked is,” If I become ill, when are you able to see a doctor?” I am told that Dr. Karol Hendrickson is the attending physician and medical director. She comes to SCMCF regularly. Their nurses are on the phone with Dr. Hendrickson, the Medical Director, every day to discuss needs of the Elders. If there is an emergency, their nursing staff will get you to the Emergency room at Schoolcraft Memorial Hospital right away.

They encourage family members/ loved ones to assist you to appointments outside of the facility whenever possible, such as doctors, etc.

You are allowed to bring in your own phone and television. They do ask you keep the TV to a 30 inch or less to adequately fit in your room. Cable charges are $10 per month. You may use your own cell phone; which would be billed as usual per your cell phone plan. Wall phone installation is $15. Monthly phone charges are also $15; with additional charges of $0.10 cents per local call and $0.10 cents per minute for long distance calls.

Omnicare Pharmacy Company provides the medications needed for those residing there. They bill your insurance, just like your pharmacy did prior to your stay. Due to Michigan laws governing nursing homes; they are not able to accept medications from your home.

Another often asked question is, “When are visiting hours and who can visit me?” You will be happy to hear that visitors may come to see you anytime you would like; and stay as long as you would like.

What should you bring with you when you go to live at SCMCF? It is recommended to bring about seven to 10 days of clothing. Comfortable outfits and a good pair of tennis shoes are good to bring if you are staying for rehabilitation. You may bring a small recliner chair or glider rocker and personal items you would like to decorate your room, such as a quilt, family photos, flowers, etc.

If you are staying for a period of time with plans of returning home, SCMCF social workers will gladly help you with discharge planning. Your social worker will typically need to be notified three business days prior to discharge and will assist you in setting up support services as necessary.

I have had family members that have at one time made a stay there and I would give high recommendations. Staff go above and beyond to make your stay comfortable, friendly and most importantly you will get the care needed when you are unable to do so yourself. Drop by for a visit or give them a call at 341-6921 for further information.

In the past month, for my very first time being at the Center, I have had to call the police for not only one, but two wellness checks. If your family lives out of town, I encourage you to sign up for our “Telephone Reassurance” calls. Calls are placed daily to give a quick “hello” making sure everything is ok. If you do not answer the telephone, we will proceed to contact the name you have given us for follow-up. If by chance we are unable to contact either, we will then proceed to contact the police. To be added to the “Telephone Reassurance” list, call the Center at 341-5923.

If you happen to be in town doing errands and would like a nice meal for a very reasonable price (Seniors $3) you might want to check out the Noon Meal Program. There are three easy steps:

• Call 341-5085 the day before coming to town

• Giving your donation of $3

• Enjoy! You get a well-balanced meal such as chicken, lasagna, roast beef, etc.

With the weather once again getting nice, we are always open to one-day bus trips. If you have any ideas feel free to drop by my office. The sooner you get the info to me the quicker I can be in trying to make the necessary arrangements.

Congratulations go out to my niece Heather Smith on her marriage to Corey Frankovich. We welcome you into the family with open arms, Corey. Heather was a shadow with my daughter, Stephanie as they grew up. As I sit here, one of my favorite memories enters my mind. Taking my girls, along with Heather, to Fayette State Park at the age of seven or eight and little miss “boney” running out to the car in short, shorts with knobby knees and these huge cowboy boots on. Just thinking of that day brings laughter. Now to a beautiful bride, oh how time flies.

Loretta Pistaulka gave a miscellaneous donation.

Monetary donations have been received in memory of:

• Theresa Gray from Guerda Frenette and Ed and Jane Leonard

• Emma Hardy from Leon and Dorothy Duquette

Maintenance and Support donations were received from Aldina Palma and Eddie Harrison.

BRIDGE April 29: 1st-Joyce LaTulip, 2nd-Patsy Calhoun, 3rd-Larry Savoie, 4th-Pat Flint, CFC-Eileen St. Onge. Hostess, Helen Barton.

BRIDGE May 3: 1st-Ann Willcock, 2nd-Eileen St. Onge, 3rd-George Lowman, 4th-Carol Leny, 5th-Eva Wendling, CFCBetty Stewart. Hostess, Betty Stewart.

PINOCHLE May 1: 1st-Nancy Casey, 2nd-Char Turek, 3rd- George Shampine, 4th-Should’a Stayed Home-Audrey Newborn.

500 May 3: 1st-Audrey Newborn, 2nd-Nancy Casey, 3rd- Don’a Nelson, Should’a Stayed Home-George Shampine.

Birthdays this week: May 11-Bernice Price, May 12-Connie Frenette and Peggy Ruggles, May 13-Gladys LaFord and Jean Ann King, May 16-Lloyd Brown, Jane Leonard and Kathy Hardy. Happy birthday wishes to all.

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