2013-05-02 / Outdoors

Fish Report

Well, the frogs are singing in full force and all the birds are setting up housekeeping so spring is in full swing. I have always been amazed at how nice it can be when you get away from the shoreline of Lake Michigan. Even at this time of year it can be T-shirt weather out at camp and jacket weather as we return home.

Out at camp on Monday we still could not drive all the way in. In fact, we had to shovel snow off the deck so it could dry out with the warmer weather. On the shady side of camp the snow is still up to the roof edge and may be there for a while yet.

We saw quite a few deer moving around and most of those we saw seemed to be in good shape. Some of last year’s fawns looked like they had a rough time but were getting around good. They have moved quite a way up north into the hardwoods now.

We also saw pats and I even put up a woodcock walking through the woods. If you look close you can see signs of life poking its head through the earth so it won’t be long until the spring flowers are all in bloom.

I have yet to see any turkey up north and it will be interesting to see if they made it through the winter because it has been one of those old fashion winters up north. I sure hope they did because they are interesting to watch.

This has to be one of the first springs in a long time when there were trout fishermen out ice fishing for the opening of trout season. Unless you fished some of the biggeropen rivers where the fish have been running already it was a rather slow opener for trout season. But if you have a positive attitude, you have to admit things have to improve.

Believe it or not it is almost time to put in for the upcoming bear season this fall.

As things warm up and dry out you want to be careful of wildfires. Even with all the snow and the fact that the grass and ground cover should be well packed down it will still burn. One of the biggest dangers you have to watch out for is dumping what you think are old ashes from your wood stove only to find out the hard way they were not completely out. When I was still working this was one of the main causes of wildfires. Also remember with the snow cover now gone you have to get a burn permit in order to burn.

As I close this week and we get into the start of fishing season and then camping season and the time when families enjoy the time spent together, I want to encourage you to make sure you enjoy every minute you get to spend with family and friends because you just never know.

For this reason I will close telling about something that just takes your breath away when you hear about it.

As you know from my articles my daughter and her husband work at a big hospital down in Daytona Beach, Florida. So last week she contacted us to ask us to pray for one of the doctors that work at the hospital with them.

It seems that this doctor had lost a son in a boating accident last Father’s Day when the family was out spending the day together. When something like this happens it is hard to live with and you never really get over it.

So we move forward to last week when she contacted us and asked us to pray for this doctor. It seems that on this afternoon his wife and the three remaining children were heading home on US-95 when they came to the exit they take off the expressway to the road their home was on.

Nobody will ever know what really happened because they were making the same exit they had made umpteen times before, but for some reason on this day something went wrong and she smashed head on into a cement wall at the exit. When this happened the doctor’s wife and his three remaining children were gone into eternity.

It is completely unreal to me to think that when someone can get up in the morning and go off to work with a wife and family at home and for some reason unknown to anyone before the day is over you are without a family.

I write about this because some of us have been really blessed and sometimes maybe we do not take that extra minute or two to stop and realize it. So with Mother’s Day almost upon us, take a minute to let her know you care. Give your kids an extra hug and tell them how much you love them. You really do not have to buy your loved ones something to let them know you care, sometimes a hug and a, “I love you” is all they need.

I say all this to say I cannot comprehend going to work having a family not knowing you will only have a big empty house before nighttime comes again.

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