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Pistulka stepping down

Big Bay de Noc superintendent to devote time to NMU position

COOKS – Big Bay de Noc Superintendent William Pistulka is resigning. The part-time superintendent made an unofficial announcement during a recent meeting of the Big Bay de Noc School Board.

According to Pistulka, he is stepping down from his position in order to concentrate solely on his second part-time job – that of charter schools officer at Northern Michigan University. What he deems his retirement/resignation from Big Bay de Noc will take effect when his contract with the district ends in June.

Pistulka explained a recent meeting with NMU officials revealed the university’s plan to create more charter schools in the future, and the need to have Pistulka’s full attention.

“At that time, they told me that they would need me to implement a new strategic plan, and that would include me coming back to Northern on a full-time status,” he said. “That’s what it really came down to – a devotion of time and effort that’s going to need my full concentration and time to perform the duties that are going to be upon me with the expansion plan,” he said.

As a charter schools officer, Pistulka said he is in charge of oversight and compliance for the current six schools NMU charters throughout the state. He explained that during his first three years at NMU, he was full time, but later negotiated with NMU and Big Bay de Noc to work at both locations on a part-time status. He has been filling both roles for three years.

“When this first … came about, Northern was gracious enough, along with Big Bay, to have me develop a schedule where I could come and go based on travel that I do for Northern, meetings that I have, whether they be at Northern or Big Bay,” he said. “If it was deemed successful that first year, both NMU and Big Bay de Noc then said we could enter into an additional twoyear agreement.”

That additional two-year agreement will end on June 30. Pistulka had previously served as full-time superintendent of Big Bay de Noc

Schools from 1998-2001.

According to Pistulka, no definitive plan has been set for his exit, but a special school board meeting is set for May 7 at 7 a.m.

“We may work out a plan, depending on what the board at what the board at Big Bay is looking at,” he said. “I may supply some consulting and help in the month of July occasionally for that transition time period.”

He added the board may also asses the current situation and determine whether or not the current model, using a part-time superintendent, is best for the school.

Regardless of the board’s next actions, Pistulka said, while he looks forward to concentrating on one are of his career, he will miss the staff, students and community.

“I really enjoyed at Big Bay de Noc, it’s a community that’s very supportive of the school and has really accepted my leadership,” he said. “The staff has been great to work with, and I think we’ve accomplished many important things – hit some of the goals that I had put in place.”

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