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CUP leases field

Organization receives go-ahead from county

MANISTIQUE – The county is entering into a lease agreement with the CUP baseball league. The organization will now lease the property known as Denton Nelson Field.

The lease was approved during a recent meeting of the Schoolcraft County Board of Commissioners. According to Commissioner Dan LaFoille, the group requested the lease, and the county researched the possibility of entering into such an agreement.

Upon investigating the possibility of the lease, LaFoille explained the only action for the organizations leaders to take was to add the county to its insurance plan. He noted the county’s insurance representatives will also need to conduct an inspection of the field.

“They’ll also want to review the certificate of liability once we’re added to it,” he said. “I’m told … CUP baseball does not oppose us being added to this insurance.”

Doug Erickson, one organizer for CUP, was present at the meeting and indicated the organization was ready to add the county to its plan. He also noted he would maintain the field into early October and is ready to bring a new concession stand onto the property. LaFoille explained the concession stand would also have to be insured and regularly inspected by the health department.

“The only other issue I see is some of the existing playground equipment, I believe, belongs to the city,” LaFoille said. “If there is any issues with that playground equipment, it may have to be removed.”

He added that the county actually owns the facility and his hopes that the city, if the equipment is deemed safe, will leave it there for the use of area children.

Commissioner Jerry Zellar questioned whether the county would charge the organization for the lease.

“I don’t really think there’s a need to charge them, as long as they take care of it,” Commissioner Craig Reiter replied.

The commissioners voted unanimously to approve the lease, noting it would last for one year and possibly expanded, depending on its success.

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