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Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,

I want to extend a warm greeting and heartfelt thank you to everyone in this community far and near that continue to support the Schoolcraft Memorial Hospital Auxiliary Love Lite Tree Program. We need you and appreciate your donations each year. The total contribution for 2012 was $1,604. We have already given to search and rescue, and we are waiting until SMH gets settled in their new building before buying items needed in some of the hospital departments.

We have a new framed two-foot by three-foot poster on an easel with all your family and friends names displayed in the new hospital’s lobby in front of the wall of windows overlooking the main front parking lot. When you have time, come and see the poster. We hope you like this new format.

We consider it an honor and privilege that you have chosen the Love Lite Tree to honor and memorialize your special people in a way that keeps giving back to this community. We apologize if we have accidently left out or misspelled any name. Please let us know and we will strive to do better in the future. Again, thank you.

Several more changes are planned, so keep watching for updates in the Pioneer Tribune and the Advisor. The Love Lite Tree Campaign will start earlier this fall so that honorees can be named at the lighting ceremony in December.

Ruth Annelin


Dear Editor,

On behalf of the U.P. Regional Blood Center I would like to thank the following groups and coordinators for hosting a blood drive in the month of March. The Amity’s Group Phyllis Burge and Lila Panik and Manistique High School’s Krista Demars. All their efforts help us collect an outstanding 83 pints of blood. I would like to also thank all the donors who took the time to give the “gift of life.” Thank you for supporting your community blood center.


Sallie Coron

Coordinator of Blood Collections

U.P. Regional Blood Center

To the Editor,

Manistique Senior Center Board I was shocked when I received your letter dated April 15, 2013 asking for a tax sharing agreement with the Manistique Downtown Development Authority.

When you authorized your director to sign the letter, did you forget you operate out of a building which is owned by the City of Manistique free of charge?

When you authorized the letter did you forget the 43 times city crews plowed your parking lot this winter, the several times they removed the snow from the parking lot and the salt they provided throughout the winter, again, also free of charge?

When you authorized the letter did you also forget the last three times you sought a millage renewal, the levy was reduced by the Schoolcraft County Board of Commissioners because they felt you had too much money already?

Talk about biting the hand that feeds you, ouch.

Rick Demers, Chairman

Downtown Development


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